Effete Elites Will Not and Cannot Fight

I just got done reading a news report in an email from Dutch radio station BNR (Business News Radio). It seems a member of the Dutch 2nd Chamber by the name of Buma made an angry speech condemning the hypocrisy of the Euro Zone, which gave Greece only 4 months to get its house in order or lose its opportunity for a new loan arrangement but gave France, which also has an illegal deficit, 2 more years, until 2017, to get its house in order. Don’t worry. Predictably, neither country will comply.

Takeaway: Since the EU has no will to enforce against a large country like France, and also lacks the means, France will continue to thumb its nose at Dijsselbloem and his Euro Zone, and other countries — Spain perhaps — will notice this total lack of enforcement and do likewise, ultimately reneging on their debts. The EU will then fail and be picked up by the only solvent power on the planet, China (possibly in concert with Russia), which will lend enough to keep them on their feet but impose its own terms on them. And China will carry a real stick.

But there is a bigger takeaway for the Western peoples groaning under the burden imposed by their oligarchs: this behavior is the way of the western political elites, namely, pretending to be tough while carrying no stick. This is the entirety of their “enforcement” repertoire. It could be no other because the elites ensnared all 28 of their member countries by deceit in the first place, promising them things that never materialized and never will. The EU is a deceptocracy, like the illegitimate Washington government. Deceptocrats, it is vital to note, only work their dark magic by deception, not by force. This apparently “peaceful” strategy for ruling the masses is the initial motivation for countries to join, which are told that supranational government is the only way to end wars forever (Ukraine gives the lie to this lie). It is also a form of Marxism, that is, wealth redistribution, but from country to country rather than from rich individuals to poor individuals as in conventional communism (and as in the old communism, it is a bait and switch, with only the elites receiving the redistributed wealth) — but without the standard revolutionary equipment, guns. They realize that if their true nature is ever revealed, the push back from the people will be irresistible. This is because the no-force rule became part and parcel of their deceptive revolution right up front, and without this guise of seeming innocuousness, the people would never have signed on to the Lisbon Treaty in the first place. Hence their iron-clad psychological imperative to use no force and no real enforcement of their regulations and laws in those cases where member countries fail to comply. It is built-in failure for the long run.

The U.S., in its push for a North American Union, is obliged to use the same strategy, for example, a campaign to keep borders open and grant amnesty to undocumented aliens based not on force, but on the absurd propaganda notion that refusing to allow this invasion would be heartless and cruel. It is “not our way.” Enough sheeple have bought the lie thus far but you can’t hide the downside — such as gangs like Mara Salvatrucha — forever.

As a side note, the latest climate agreement signed by Obama and China has no enforcement or penalty clause. They not only do not intend to enforce it, they make it clear up front that they will not. Why else would China have voluntarily signed an agreement that, if enforced, would have drastically reduced China’s manufacturing ability?

Thus the elites huff and they puff and they threaten but at the last minute they back down. Every single time.

Further, they always pick on the little guy in their pretense of enforcement. Witness Russia vs China, both of which are transgressors according to the Western elitist way of thinking, but only the weaker of the 2 (well, not really weak of course) gets sanctions.

Big tough guy David Cameron, who is actually a craven U.S. puppet (for example, in dealing with Muslim terror — repeating the Obama absurdity that the ISLAMIC State has nothing to do with Islam) just recently agreed to send military “advisers” to Ukraine. Before that, he had sent some obsolete armored vehicles to Ukraine. Meanwhile, the U.S. oligarchy sent obsolete planes called warthogs, designed to kill armored tanks. However, these planes, while once effective in ill-defended Iraq, are slow and an easy target for Russian ground to air missiles. They may as well have sent targets with big red bulls eyes.

Why is this absurd and cowardly behavior pattern of the Western deceptocracy important for you to understand?

It is the pattern we saw at the Bundy ranch last year. The feds, bristling with weapons and mean looking militarized enforcers, backed down to a band of cowboys with hunting rifles.

This is the way of the Western elites, Folks. They are so used to operating by deception that they have lost the will to enforce their edicts the old fashioned way. Further, they are keenly aware that actually killing their own people and thereby creating martyrs, would be a political disaster for them.

This means that, if this toothless behavior pattern — evidenced in both the U.S. and the EU — holds, then once enough of We the People finally wake up to the fact that the Washington elites are merely the wizard behind the curtain, a US state can declare itself independent of the feds or a determined band of Americans, availing ourselves of our Second Amendment rights, could literally rout the usurpers and reclaim our stolen government from these effete oligarchs without a shot being fired. A people’s tribunal could then try them for treason and hang them in a Constitutionally sanctioned manner. Europeans could do likewise.

Our first — and main — job is to wake up enough sleeping sheeple to create a tipping point.

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EDITORS NOTE: The featured image is of one of the characters in the Hunger Games film.