Iran behind cyber-attack on Adelson’s Sands Corp.

Adelson is “a leading U.S. supporter of Israel and of Republican political candidates.”

Since Obama is relentlessly courting Iran and making concession after concession to the mullahs, this is unlikely to be taken in the highest circles in Washington as a belligerent act. After all, they hate Adelson, too.

“Iran Behind Cyber-Attack on Adelson’s Sands Corp., Clapper Says,” by Anthony Capaccio, David Lerman, and Chris Strohm, Bloomberg, February 26, 2015 (thanks to Marc):

(Bloomberg) — The top U.S. intelligence official confirmed for the first time that Iran was behind a cyber attack against the Las Vegas Sands Corp. last year.

Identifying Iran as the perpetrator came more than a year after the Feb. 10, 2014, attack against the world’s largest gambling company, which crippled many of the computer systems that help run the $14 billion operation. Sands’ chairman and chief executive officer and top shareholder is billionaire Sheldon Adelson, a leading U.S. supporter of Israel and of Republican political candidates.

James Clapper, the director of national intelligence, told the Senate Armed Services Committee Thursday that the attack by Iran, followed by the hacking of Sony Corp. by North Korea in November, marked the first destructive cyber-assaults on the U.S. by nation-states. Iran’s role in the attack that crippled operations at several of Sands’ U.S. casinos was reported in December by Bloomberg Businessweek.

“While both of these nations have lesser technical capabilities in comparison to Russia and China, these destructive attacks demonstrate that Iran and North Korea are motivated and unpredictable cyber-actors,” Clapper said.

He also said the cyberthreat from Russia is “more severe than we have previously assessed,” without elaborating.

Computer attacks such as those by Iran and North Korea are more likely to threaten the U.S. in the future than a single massive assault crippling the country’s infrastructure, he said….


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