Take Away My Steak, Tax My Apple Pie Because DHHS Panel Thinks I Might Die?

Just when Americans are reeling from ObamaCare and a plethora of government regulations at work and at home, the Obama Administration has come up with a plan to ‘make us all healthier.’ The U.S. Health and Human Services Dept. recently released a report from ‘The Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee,’ (DGAC), which didn’t receive much attention from the press, but should have every American fuming and wondering when the line will be drawn for government encroachment into our lives. In this panel’s 571 page report are recommendations to tax sodas, desserts, (or anything sweet for that matter), promoting a plant-based diet, because meat consumption causes too many ‘greenhouse gas emissions.’ The DGAC has given the American public 45 days to offer their comments on this draconian, far-fetched ‘Big Brother’ plan. Here is my response.

The DGAG has suggested having ‘trained obesity interventionists’ at worksites and ‘electronic monitoring’ of our teenagers to determine how sedentary our population is because there could be a problem with too much TV viewing or computer overload. Can you imagine these ACORN type personas coming to your workplace, measuring your body fat and instructing your employer to get you off your swivel chair or he’ll be fined? What parent in his right mind would allow a government-type electronic monitoring of children in the home while they watch TV? Are they serious? Let’s not forget that electronic monitoring of our children has been tested in the school system and has received mass resistance.

Now many of us remember the Bureau of Land Management’s dislike for ranchers when the showdown occurred on the Bundy Ranch, and now we are witnessing another government agency advising us that we must cut back on meat because of ‘greenhouse gases’ and ‘carbon footprints.’ Perhaps these out-of-touch bureaucrats don’t even know that the struggling American Middle Class has already cut back on meat consumption because of high unemployment and rising food prices. Does anyone believe that the same government bureaucrats will stop eating their steaks or fillet mignons? Haven’t we learned from ObamaCare that regulations for the masses don’t necessarily apply to the bureaucrats who pass the laws?

Now concerning American’s love affair with sweets…how will the USG tax desserts and micro-manage our sweet tooth? Could first on the list to tax be Apple Pie, because…well…it’s too…. American? (Now if the government begins to tax tiramisu or baklava it could be considered very discriminatory; we don’t want to insult the Italians or Greeks!) Will restaurants be forced double tax for the apple pie a la mode; and what about the extremely decadent, caloric chocolate flourless cake? (Shouldn’t the bureaucrats reduce this tax because, after all, the flour has been taken out?)

Obama supporter, billionaire Warren Buffet, recently confessed that he ‘eats like a six year old’ and has a big bowl of chocolate chip ice cream for breakfast, and drinks at least five coca colas a day with canned potato stix. He has just broken the government narrative. Does anyone believe that the USG ‘interventionists’ will march into HIS executive suite and measure his body fat or monitor him at home while he salivates on his ice cream while HE’S watching TV?

The American public needs to stop this maniacal behavior of overreaching government bureaucrats who have nothing better to do that to sit around and plan ways to tax the Middle Class and micro-manage our eating habits. Do we really want the government in our workplace, in our kitchen and living room monitoring our behavior because it’s for our own good and wants us to be healthy, so that we can live longer and not die?


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