What’s Up America?!!!

One has to wonder, if America will put up or fold up?  I am personally still amazed at the phenomenal speech Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave when he recently addressed Congress.  In fact, I would have to say that it was the best speech in that historic congressional edifice since the heady days of Ronald Reagan.  Unfortunately, as well done and spot on that Netanyahu’s speech was, if the federal government had been doing what it was constitutionally mandated to do, the Prime Ministers oratory would not have been necessary.

For almost seven years and counting, the Obama administration has been conducting it’s own personal war against American military might.  At present, our republic no longer has the capability to even engage in two major wars or conflicts simultaneously.  That development alone has emboldened the Muslim enemies of freedom to flex their terrorist muscle like never before.  Thousands and thousands of Christians and black Muslims have lost their heads due to sword or knife wielding dedicated Muslims who have decided to play God and the day of death for their victims.

Millions of other individuals throughout the world are either hoping or praying, that somehow, some way America will soon recover from her current stupor of Obama induced decline and dramatic show of weakness.

Thanks or no thanks to the tepid approach America has taken in dealing with the most destructive and dedicated enemies throughout the Middle East, the Obama administration has helped strengthen the resolve of ISIS Muslims. They swarm like murdering locusts eliminating everyone from infants to great grandparents for sport.  In his talk before the joint meeting of Congress, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu warned “the greatest danger” to the world is “the marriage of militant Islam with nuclear weapons,” warning that the Islamic state of Iraq or ISIS may be an enemy of Iran, but they are both fighting for “the crown of militant Islam.”  The Prime Minister added, “to defeat ISIS and let Iran get nuclear weapons would be to win the battle, but lose the war.  “We can’t let that happen,” Netanyahu said.

Netanyahu’s speech was a warning to President Barack Obama not to enter into a ten year deal with Iran to lift international sanctions in exchange for the promise that Iran will curb it’s nuclear capabilities.  I find it rather bush league for the United States government to allow itself and the world to continuously be made a fool of by Muslims who decades ago declared war on the west. Unfortunately, the warring Muslims continue to vigorously act upon their declaration of war.

Any military strategist that understands the concept of knowing the enemy would have either researched, or by now been followed up on realizing that you cannot trust a dedicated Muslim in negotiations.

what every american needs to know about the quranIn his book, What Every American Needs to Know About the Qur’an, William Federer lays out for all to see the deceptive customs of the Islamists who believe it is okay to lie to infidels, or non-Muslims.  Considering that Islam defines the entire non-Muslim world as the house of War (dar al-harb), “it is acceptable to always lie and deceive non-Muslims.”  Knowing that Muslims at war either planning or actual are going to seek to deceive non-Muslims, why on earth would the United States not take a harder stand against Iran?  That Islamic nation has repeatedly threatened, both America and Israel.

Unfortunately, the United States government continues to put “We the People” at risk by shrinking the size and scope of the military, weakening the economy, and not dealing from a position of strength against our enemies.  Yet at various times disrespecting allies like Israel.  Oh by the way, Russia and China are both salivating at the prospect of a weakened United States of America.

So the question remains.  Will America put up, or fold up?!