Over 100 freed Gitmo detainees have returned to jihad

This is not surprising, since absolutely nothing was done at Guantanamo to disabuse these men of the beliefs that led them to wage jihad in the first place. Any such action would have been “Islamophobic.” And so the Qur’an, the book that inspired the actions that landed them in Guantanamo in the first place, is treated with elaborate care and respect — only reinforcing the jihadists’ beliefs and assumptions. This policy is, of course, predicated on the assumption that Islam is a Religion of Peace, and so if the jihadis just read the Qur’an, they will become peaceful and tolerant. Reality doesn’t work that way.

“Released Gitmo prisoners return to evil ways: report,” by Geoff Earle, New York Post, March 6, 2015 (thanks to Jerk Chicken):

WASHINGTON — More than 100 prisoners released from Guantanamo Bay went right back to being terrorists when they got out, according to a new report.

Out of 647 detainees who were released, 116 — or 18 percent — have been confirmed as “re-engaging” in terrorism, according to the report by the Director of National Intelligence.

Of those, 25 are dead and 23 are back behind bars.

Another 11 percent of those released are “suspected” of re-engaging in their jihadi ways, according to the annual summary that is required by Congress.

The trend is likely to continue, even as President Obama works to clear out the prison he has vowed to close.

The report predicts that prisoners still in custody will follow a similar path when they get out.

“Based on trends identified during the past eleven years, we assess that some detainees currently at GTMO will seek to reengage in terrorist or insurgent activities after they are transferred,” said the report.

Modal TriggerTransfers to countries with ongoing conflicts and internal instability as well as active recruitment by insurgent and terrorist organizations pose particular problems.”

The government also expects the Gitmo goons to keep in touch with each other after they’re freed.

“Former GTMO detainees routinely communicate with each other, families of other former detainees, and previous associates who are members of terrorist organizations,” the report found.

“The reasons for communication span from the mundane (reminiscing about shared experiences) to the nefarious (planning terrorist operations).”

Last month, US forces in Afghanistan killed a jihadi who had been released from Gitmo in 2007 and pledged allegiance to the Islamic State.

The recidivism rate has actually improved over time.

During the administration of President George W. Bush, who opened the facility in 2002, the rate was 21 percent.

The rate during the Obama administration has been 5 percent.

Obama in his State of the Union Address vowed to keep pushing prisoners out the door, citing incarceration costs of $3 million a year per prisoner.

“Since I’ve been president, we’ve worked responsibly to cut the population of Gitmo in half. Now it is time to finish the job,” he said in January.

Last month, the administration dispatched prisoners to Oman and Estonia.

An estimated 122 remain.

Last year, the administration identified 12 former detainees — six released under Bush and six under Obama — who were back fighting against the US and Western interests.

Those determined to be involved in terror activities were found to be “planning terrorist operations, conducting a terrorist or insurgent attack…conducting suicide bombing, financing terrorist operations, recruiting” and other activities.
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