Orlando Pastor Dexter Sanders Stands With Netanyahu and Israel

Pastor Dexter Sanders is the founder of Rock Orlando Center of Transformation Many Mansions Ministries, as well as founder and director of MMMMOVEMENT, an evangelistic organization. He is currently leading an initiative called “Transformation Orlando”, which will bring spiritual, physical and emotional transformation to the citizens of the Parramore community, and eventually the entire city of Orlando. Pastor Sanders is a friend of Israel.

Since arriving in Orlando six years ago, Pastor Sanders has worked hard in the area of evangelism. His mission is simple; to facilitate the move of the Holy Spirit through the city of Orlando, causing major transformation for its citizens. This movement will make way for the gospel of Jesus Christ to come out from behind the church walls and into streets and homes. In 2008, Dexter led such an initiative with a Gideon army through the streets of Parramore, knocking on every door, marching down every street and sharing the gospel.

To learn more about Pastor Dexter Sanders please visit www.yourservantdexter.com