Is Cardinal Dolan the Most Gay Friendly Prince of the Holy Catholic Church?

Hope all is well on “The Day in Between the Two Great Feast Days of St. Patrick and St. Joseph” – two great saints of the Holy Catholic Church. For some reason, the jovial Feast Day of St. Patrick always gets a bit more fanfare than the more humbler Feast Day of St. Joseph, mainly because I truly believe that St. Joseph was just that – a humble man, an obedient man, a man that went with the Plan, serving as the Father of the Royal Family, while keeping a low profile. Thus, the Feast Day of St. Joseph does not include the wild and crazy “green beer” drinking of people out on the streets, some times for an entire weekend (if St. Patrick’s Day happens to land on a Monday or Tuesday, like it did this year).

And, usually, a St. Patrick’s Day parade goes along with this jovial partying. Namely, the one that took place in New York City yesterday afternoon. Yes, this parade is older than the United States, itself, 253 years compared to 238 years. And, yep, yesterday’s parade marked the first time that any Archbishop of New York allowed, embraced, promoted and celebrated groups of Gay marchers as part of the jovial festivities. And, yep, it was my good buddy, Cardinal Dolan, who not only promoted this atrocity – but, he reveled in this parade as the Grand Marshall, allowing the spotlight to be on him, while smiling, waving to the crowds and chomping on his ever-famous, juicy fruit chewing gum.

Friends – including the Secretary of the Vatican, the USCCB, the FCCB, Cardinal Dolan, himself – and the hundreds of Catholic clergy who are on my e-mail list and reading this bold column: Say what you want; think what you want; and even criticize the bold Michael Voris of Church Militant for calling out Cardinal Dolan for his excessive “selfish” damage he has caused to our beloved Holy Catholic Church – but, if you, for one moment, can defend Cardinal Dolan for serving as the Grand Marshall for this parade and for all the controversial shenanigans he has brought on to our beloved Church – you really need to contact me. I am dying to hear your side of the story because I have only seen the reckless, self-serving, media-attention and arrogant side of this out-of-control cardinal of the Church.

And you beloved clergy all know how much I love our other Holy cardinals of the Church who have put their lives on the line for our beloved Faith. Cardinal Raymond Burke and Cardinal Francis George come to mind immediately, as they both have taken bold stances to defend the Holy Catholic Church all of their lives, including as of recent, while dealing with age, health and “political correctness” issues. GOD Bless the Holy church leaders who boldly defend the Holy Catholic Church like these two men have. GOD help the phony, attention-seeking cardinals of the Holy Catholic Church who have sent out mixed messages to the 1.2 billion Catholic faithful in the world, like a Cardinal Dolan, who clearly has defeated everything that the good Holy cardinals have accomplished – while pushing the envelope with the Gay agenda more than any church leader in this country…

So, I will leave it up to the bold and accurate Michael Voris of Church Militant to illustrate to each and every one of us what Cardinal Dolan has done to the credibility and future of the Holy Catholic Church that Voris loves with his entire being. It’s all about Telling the Truth and Voris backs it all up with true facts, history and videos. These two short videos lay it all on the line for us as it is quite evident that the joking cardinal is truly at fault here. If, after watching these two videos, you even question Michael Voris and take Cardinal Dolan’s side – then, we have a problem – not only in Houston – but, right here with our own Catholic Church clergy and parishioners.

Friends: Cardinal Dolan is dead wrong. And, everybody knows it. By Catholic Church teachings and standings – the “act of sodomy” is a sin. We learned that in Catechism years ago. It is immoral, unnatural and defies everything that the Holy Bible stands for. Every Catholic in this country (even the 53% gutless ones who voted for Emperor Obama in 2008 and 2012), knows that the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony is a “blessed union between one man and one woman”. Period. When a prominent & popular church leader like Cardinal Dolan embrace, endorse, support and promote the Gay agenda (both, publicly and privately like he has), and sends the message “loud and queer” to the 78 million Catholics in this country that there is nothing wrong with homosexuality, Gay unions and the immoral Gay lifestyle – then, we’ve got a major problem. And, if our beloved clergy do NOT see this as a mortal sin – as against Catholic Church teachings – then, we have more than a serious, major problem…It’s back to the drawing board, back to the seminary, guys…

Now, throw in the appalling corruption that took place behind closed doors (maybe in a closet), between Cardinal Dolan and Pro-abortion/ Pro-Gay Marriage New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, and the “money exchange” between the Education system in New York, the abortion industry and the Gay agenda that both Cuomo and Dolan promote – then, we all know that New York City is on its way to becoming “the second coming of Sodom and Gomorrah”. Common Core, Abortion & Gay Marriage rule the streets of New York City, folks….and, these two left-wing leaders promote every aspect of it.

Yes, it takes a ton of guts & courage to write what I am writing in this e-mail and boldly calling out a prominent Catholic Church leader for doing what he is doing as this is NOT the first time I have written about the atrocities of Cardinal Dolan & the Catholic Church. I have blasted him countless times only because he has blasted our beloved Catholic Church way too many times! But, like my spiritual directors have told me all my life – “If you tell the Truth at all times, you never have to remember what you lied about”. Like I do with every e-mail and article that I have ever written in my life, I am hear to Tell the Truth and nothing but the Truth, so help me, GOD. And, I am here to defend the Holy Catholic Church with all that I’ve got so that our future generations of Catholics can one day, maybe see what our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, aimed to do when He instructed Peter to be the rock upon which he was going to build His church…

And, with all this being said, if I do not share this critical message with the hundreds of clergy who are on my e-mail list, I am doing our beloved Catholic faith a disservice. You all know that I have always had your backs. I am always the first to defend you, to pray for you and will be the first to arrive at the Cathedral of St. Ignatius on Holy Tuesday for the Chrism Mass, my favorite Mass of the year. And, like always, I will be the first to give our beloved clergy a standing ovation when Bishop Barbarito acknowledges you guys – priests and deacons, alike. But, at the same time, I am always the first to challenge you and to call you out when you step out of line. I expect the same from you guys when I step out of line. Clergy and lay people all need to read this ever-critical e-mail and be aware of this controversial issue at hand, that is taking place in our Church right here in the “most glamorous city in the country”, as the sooner we nip it in the bud, the sooner we can get back to what we learned in our Baltimore Catechisms way back when…and, Baltimore is not too far from New York…

Boy, what I would give to have Jesus come back for just one day – maybe on my favorite Feast Day (Pentecost Sunday) – and show up in New York City, lose His temper for the second time, and turn over those corrupt tables of the “money changers and tax collectors”, and run Cardinal Dolan and Cuomo out of the House of GOD and off the streets of New York. Of course, it is “the city that never sleeps”… Would you be able to sleep at night if you knew that all of this corruption and sinning is going on???

Good Irish luck, folks…”Happy Saint Patrick’s Day”!

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