Top 5 Clinton Hypocrisies

One of the most glaring hypocrisies of big government liberals who manage to get elected or appointed to high-ranking government positions is that their professed love for the positive power of big government rarely matches their actions when their own skin is in the game.

Our country is at another significant turning point. A stagnant economic recovery, a failed national healthcare initiative, and legions of foreign policy failures have left our great country in a weakened state. What makes this special country different is that we never stay weakened for long. Out of the ashes has always arisen a far better tomorrow.

It’s tough to keep America down. But, this better tomorrow is going to need principled leaders as guides. Not because Americans need a hand out from the political class but because they need principled members of the political class to have the courage to step aside and acknowledge that Washington doesn’t have all of the answers. They must acknowledge that many problems are best left solved by strong, economically healthy American families and their communities. Unfortunately, in an era of quasi-political family dynasties, we are about to enter a 2016 election cycle with Clinton, round 2. A family dynasty grossly unprepared for the principled leadership task.

Sometimes we need to be reminded where we’ve been, to see where we DO NOT want to go. Do we really want to go back to another potentially eight years of Clinton rule?

The Clintons believe that reducing income inequality should be a top priority, unless you’re a Clinton making $250,000 per speech.

Here’s a short list of 5 glaring hypocrisies of which the Clintons have yet to provide any reasonable explanation:

  1. The Clintons have been open about their disdain for money in politics, until you take into account that they take millions in foreign donations for their foundation.
  2. The Clintons have campaigned on the premise that taxes should be raised out of “fairness,” until those taxes impact the Clintons who then proceeded to set up complicated schemes to conveniently avoid paying said taxes on their still accumulating pile of wealth.
  3. The Clintons believe that reducing income inequality should be a top priority, unless you’re a Clinton making $250,000 per speech and own multiple, spacious homes in wealthy neighborhoods.
  4. There’s a “war on women” according to the Clintons, but the Clintons are not telling you that Mrs. Clinton is a frontline warrior in waging it by paying her female staff far less than the men on her staff.
  5. The Clintons have fought for more government intrusion into your lives, all while maintaining a private email server, in violation of the rules, to keep said government out of their lives.

Like the Obamas, the Clintons seem to love hashtag diplomacy, rather than doing the real work, so here’s my contribution: #Hypocrites.

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared in the Conservative Review.