Florida: 24,000 Red Light Camera Citations Dismissed as Illegal

Many of you followed my battle with the unconstitutional red light camera’s across this nation and in particular Florida. My refusal to pay a ticket for a red light camera citation is on the record and my declaration of war against the illegal ticketing of cars by an inanimate object goes back as far as 2010.

Some of you may recall when I was on Fox News radio affiliate WFDR as a commentator I was always going on offense against this illegal practice and standing my ground. The equal protection clause was violated, the 5th Amendment and 4th Amendment was and is violated by this practice. My constitutional team of patriots in Milton, Florida took on the local government there with political pressure and they got the orange lights on traffic signals extended. This allowed more time to pass under the light and saved the poor driver from the illegal camera snapping picture of the tag.

I just returned from Fort Lauderdale as a guest speaker with the brave and courageous Fort Lauderdale Tea Party and while I was there I fired some parting shots at the Broward County traffic court’s illegal use of red light cameras from my hotel room phone. I have this superb skill of really irritating people who are hurting this nation. The Fort Lauderdale Tea Party also placed mountains of political heat on the courts in this bastion of progressive socialist voters.

Well finally two traffic court judges in Fort Lauderdale just dismissed 24,000 red light camera tickets pending for prosecution. We just saved these poor souls $6.3 million. The judges finally woke up and smelled the coffee brewing in the cavities of freedom.


This is an improper delegation of police power. Additionally, the photo’s were even sent out of state for screening, all totally unconstitutional. Florida law says only a police officer can issue a ticket, not a camera. A camera deprives you of your due process and ability to cross examine your accuser.

South Florida cities are now suspending this unconstitutional practice. This illegal practice should be suspended in all 67 counties in Florida, per the equal protection clause of the U.S. Constitution and the 4th, 5th and 10th Amendments.

Now folks slow down. Do not run red lights but do not allow local governments to run over your rights as Americans either.

God Bless America.

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