U.S. on World Stage Bowing to an Audience of None

I love my country and want the best for her, but recently, the behavior of U.S. foreign policy wonks has reminded me for all the world of the Black Knight scene from the movie “Monty Python and the Holy Grail,” where a knight fights a dual with King Arthur and starts to lose his limbs one by one, yet keeps on brashly daring the king to keep fighting, calling him a coward as the latter gallops off leaving just the Black Knight’s erect torso and angrily screaming head on the ground.

It’s a bit gruesome but click here if you have a strong stomach (starts at about minute 1:00). Kindly let me explain why this imagery fits the U.S. political class to a t.

American Neocons are shrieking that Iran is about to nuke the U.S. Ted Cruz wants to nuke them first and so does his proposed secretary of state John Bolton. Mark Levin also wants to nuke Iran and just recently said:

“And in fact, if they can get ’em [the nukes] on their ICBM’s, they’re going to attack our West Coast. And the reason the French and the Germans are concerned – yes, because of Israel, but also for themselves – is because they happen to be a little closer to that neighborhood than we do [sic].”

So what are we waiting for, Folks? Don’t we need to preemptively strike ASAP and save the U.S. and Europe?

Well, first let’s do a little fact checking, shall we, Mr. Levin? Europe is not was worried about Iran nuking them as they are about U.S. paranoia over Iran and especially about the Congress’ letter to Iran saying in no uncertain terms that it won’t accept any negotiated settlement with them. That leaves the distinct impression that the U.S. is ready to shoot first and ask questions later, against a country armed with nukes.

At least that’s what Europe’s top foreign minister Frank-Walter Steinmeir, said at a conference in Washington.

But beyond that, you need to ask yourself:

Why would Iran be the one country to nuke the U.S.?

North Korea has threatened the same thing for years and no one has suggested nuking them because no one takes them seriously. Pakistan also has nukes and has threatened India.What’s different about Iran?

Iran will not do anything that Putin would disapprove of. Russia is its most favored trading partner, and the worst thing that could happen to Russia and China (they’re allies you know) would be to lose one of the most important partners they have, ie, the U.S. A completely ruined and highly radioactive US could purchase nothing from China and this situation would lead to worldwide poverty. Iran knows that too.

Further, the Iranian people would revolt if the government nuked us because they do not hate the U.S. despite all the hate mongering out of Tehran.

Besides that, there is this thing called mutually assured destruction (MAD), which Israeli military analyst Daniel Greenfield said years ago is the reason nuclear powers don’t have to reasonably fear each other. They know that if they fire off a nuke to the U.S., another 50 nukes will come roaring right back at them on MIRVs. The U.S. would respond with nukes from multiple subs in the Mediterranean or the Black Sea and Iran would be toast. They might be big mouthed but they can do math. And if they really wanted collective martyrdom, would they put so much effort into negotiating with countries like Russia and the U.S. over trade deals? That’s a lot of trouble for a nation that thirsts for death.

What most people don’t realize is that there is a lot more to this huffing and puffing over Iran than meets the eye. The U.S. has had a petrodollar agreement with Saudi Arabia since 1973, under which the Saudis agree to insist in perpetuity to be paid in U.S. dollars in exchange for U.S. military “protection” (defined very broadly). Since then, coincidentally, every single one of our wars has benefited the Saudis, as shown here, without benefiting the U.S., and especially Middle Eastern Christians.

Since our good and loyal allies the Saudis are Wahhabi Sunnis, the most violent and anti-Christian sect in the world, the wars fought by U.S. 2 (per my definition here), like the one in Iraq, invariably wind up killing their rivals (generally countries that have not threatened us, notably Libya), which are one or more of the following more-harmless groups:

  1. Shiites (Iranian population and government, Syrian and Iraqi governments)
  2. Secularists (Qaddafi, Mubarak, etc… Al Sisi is an exception because he has struck a deal with the Saudis and is now helping them in the Yemen conflict. It’s a variant of the petrodollar agreement – mutual protection instead of protection of the Saudis in exchange for demanding settlement for all oil transactions in U.S. dollars)
  3. Christians and other minorities in the Middle East.

Even our war in Kosovo was waged with the Saudis’ blessings. They have sent billions in aid to the illegal-immigrant Albanian Muslims there. Did you ever read anywhere that Kosovo is a new Muslim state, thanks to the U.S. military? No, you didn’t because the media don’t want to worry you with that detail, but you can Google it if you have a stomach for truth. Yes, Washington (U.S. 2 ) and NATO created a Muslim state out of a Christian country (Serbia), just what the Saudis ordered.

As for Israel, it is in a tight spot, like the U.S., and because of this, it believes it must do whatever it can to placate the Saudis, who largely control ISIS, their protégé. Moreover, despite their bravado, Middle Eastern Jews (along with their Christian brothers) have spent 2 millennia groveling in dhimmitude to survive. As far as its standing with the Saudis is concerned, attacking Iran would be just the ticket for Israel. Naturally, it would benefit Saudi Arabia more than Israel, which would draw fire from all over the Muslim world and could trigger a nuclear war that no one wants. But Netanyahu is willing to gamble as long as U.S. Neocons can deceive enough of us sheeple into supporting a preemptive strike. Mark Levin believes he is helping Israel by urging the U.S. to wage war on Iran, but he is in fact only helping one political party there, the one willing to risk his country’s security in a high stakes gamble. The more-orthodox Jews in Israel and the U.S., think it is dangerous to antagonize Iran. But don’t tell that to John Hagee’s congregation. Hagee is Netanyahu’s most valuable link to American Christianity and has come up with the blood moon tetrad theory, or at least he “borrowed” credit for it from its originator Mark Biltz, and now he says God wants us to must commit Iranocide. And we know how honest Hagee is. (You can read about Hagee’s integrity in WND’s article Hagee Hit with Demand Letter over 4 Blood Moons.)

We must also consider that Iran comes in a package with Russia and Russia comes in a package with China, the world’s biggest economy and military, and all of Europe and most of Asia has now sided with China against the U.S. by joining the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), a formidable rival to the U.S.-dominated World Bank. It is all over the news and we are being told it is just a speed bump but the goal is dedollarization of world trade. Finally, and here is the clincher: The Saudis have joined Europe and the rest against the U.S. by joining the Chinese bank, as pointed out here.  But, you say, aren’t the Saudis supposed to be upholding the petrodollar so that the Fed can issue new dollars to their hearts’ content? So then why did they join the “de-collarization club”? Oops!

Looks like the petrodollar agreement might be toast. You can guess what that means for the U.S. dollar.

It all reminds me of that old song “You Picked a Fine Time to Leave me, Lucille.” The US elites could sing: You picked a fine time to leave me, planet earth.

So does anyone really think this is a good time for a soon-to-be de-dollarized (i.e., impoverished) America with no friends left to start a war with a country with nukes that has friends with nukes?