BANNED FILM: Hillary Clinton Exposed [full version]

hillary the movie posterTyler Bass from Forbidden Knowledge TV writes, “In the middle of the 2008 U.S. presidential primaries, the District Court for the District of Columbia blocked the nonprofit political advocacy group Citizens United from releasing a documentary targeting Hillary Clinton. The district court ruled that the conservative 501(c)(3)’s release, backed by unknown corporations, had run afoul of campaign finance law. Only after the entire election concluded would the Supreme Court vindicate Citizens United and thereby open the floodgates to a political reality where, many fear, corporate entities and unions carry undue influence.”

Today Democrats use the Supreme Court decision on Citizens United to rally their followers against any who support conservative groups. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, in an April 15th, 2015, email to party members states, “Hillary Clinton calls for anti-Citizens United Constitutional Amendment. Hillary Clinton just laid out her top priorities at her first campaign event — and called for an END of dark money in politics.”

The question is whose money?

Bob Heller notes:

Its hard not to laugh, but this is no laughing matter. Hillary Clinton says there is to much money in politics as it is reported she will raise over $2.2 billion in her campaign to become president. This is about 50% more than Obama raised who also said there is to much money in politics.

Ms. Clinton is also disturbed that some CO’s earn to much. But she has no compunction raising tens of millions of dollars from them. She says the disparity in income between the rich and middle class is terrible. She should know considering the enormous wealth she and Bill Clinton amassed using their exalted political offices.

It might seem strange to a lot of people that she doesn’t consider herself overpaid when she give a 45 minute speech and is paid between $200 and $350 thousand dollars plus thousands of dollars more in perks.

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Perhaps it is time to expose Hillary for what she really is the largest campaign fundraiser in post-modern American politics.

Watch the full version of the “Dark-Money” Anti-Hillary Film a Federal Court Silenced produced by Citizens United in 2008 – Hillary: The Movie