America, Land of Hope Amongst Elitist Hypocrites

The progressives are guilty of what they have often accused others of being. Hypocrites.

So now the elitist progressives have dubbed the support of traditional marriage between a man and a woman as bigotry equal to racism.  It is amazing how with a straight face at least publicly, the progressives actually equate marriage between a man and a woman with racism and bigotry.  Such an argument obviously borders on insanity.  But the mistake would be to laugh it off and act like it is just silly liberals with nothing better to do.

In fact, such statements are part of a massive orchestrated effort to fundamentally change every good aspect of our constitutionally limited republic.  It is the progressives who are actually the bigoted and hateful ones.  It is they who disdain God’s design for man and woman to come together in holy matrimony and raise children in a solid family unit.  One of the surest ways to maintain a strong, vibrant and blessed society is the continuation of the traditional family.  It was my own Dad who would often tell me that a nation is only as strong as it’s families.

The progressives know that to be true as well.  That is why they have burrowed their way into every sphere of influence throughout society.  They wormed their way deep into the entertainment industry, the education system, the news media, the sports industry, corporate America, the military and even mainline Christian denominations to fundamentally turn those institutions away from the more solid principles they had practiced for eons.  For example, someone in academia telling students that a natural marriage between a woman and a man who desire to be together equates to racism.

Thus, the progressives themselves are displaying their own bias against a successful way of life that has served mankind very well for dozens of centuries.  Those in opposition to the many positive institutions (such as traditional marriage) are on a deviant mission to wedge their more troubling progressive policies of destruction into our American society.  Recently, we witnessed in Indiana how big business, big media along with progressive political leaders use their significant power and influence to topple over good proven religious liberty protections.  This cultural cronyism is a coming together of those in power and influence, who like President Obama desire to fundamentally change America.

The elites are so united, that even though the same amount of amicus briefs have been file at the Supreme Court both supporting and opposing state marriage laws, not one single major law firm has filed a brief supporting marriage as the union of a man and a woman. (That little tidbit was supplied by noted writer, Ryan T. Anderson) Most homosexual, environmental and social justice activists all have one creepy thing in common.  That is the changing of the United States of America from a Christian professing constitutionally limited republic into a Christian loathing politically left of center, where big nanny goat government is god.

I must say, that while the leftist progressives has numerous issues they promote, with homosexual marriage being the hot flavor of the month of June for them, I have a question.  If homosexual marriage is so right and meant to be, why can’t they be fruitful and multiply by just mating alone?  ‘We the People” of America must unite and stand against big government abusing and penalizing sovereign citizens who simply seek to live their lives as they legally and morally see fit.  They must not be forced to travel down the progressive road that leads to destruction.

Have you noticed that the further America is dragged away from the building block principles that made her the one time envy of the world, the more she deteriorates in every aspect, including economics, military decision making, etc.?  For those who insist on comparing a Christian photographer choosing to pass on the opportunity to film a certain type of wedding, here is a news flash!  Whether you like it or not, the Bible affirms that marriage (as God intended) has nothing at all to do with race.  But rather it has everything to do with love between a man and a woman and procreation.  From Genesis to Revelation the Bible specifically deals with husbands and wives in many circumstances.

Thus it is most important not to allow the progressive elites to fundamentally change America in order to bully and go after us Americans who simply maintain our belief in the ONE who shed his grace upon our exceptional nation.  God Bless America and May America Bless God.