NIGHTMARE ON MONROE STREET: Florida Student Assessment Tests

Someone please wake me up from this bad dream!  Did our state and federal government just resurrect Dr. Mengele and unleash him on our kids?

This has got to be the cruelest hoax of the century.  Let me get this straight.

There is a social engineering testing company we have paid $220 million to experiment on our kids and they can, and will be, selling the data they mine from our kids to others to track and manage their future?

We are forced to give our children to them for WEEKS of time they could have spent learning, and we don’t even know what’s in the tests?  And our kids will be punished if they tell us?

These tests were supposed to help us grade the teachers and schools, but we’re not even going to use this data because we know it’s invalid but we’re still testing anyway?

And we have to pay $Billions for specialized computers, software, networking, technicians and testing facilities to corporate cronies who have spent tens of millions lobbying our legislatures just to do this testing?

And these tests must be given to all our kids in public school no matter if they have been in special ed or are sick or the federal government will not give us our own tax money back we gave them for education?

And this company, AIR, has failed so badly in Utah, where WE PAID them $5 million to test it, that Utah is throwing it out, but we went ahead anyway?

And the tests failed in Florida’s roll out so badly that testing was repeatedly shut down for days and weeks all over the state, but we’re still using the results on children to make life changing decisions about them?

Please tell me this is just a bad dream and I will wake up and hear that our public schools are safe once again; That certified teachers are trusted to teach their students without government scripts, and grade their own students based on their mastery of the subjects taught on pencil and paper tests given in their own desks that we can share with parents.