Learn Why Islamic Jihadists Want Him DEAD!

When jihadists opened fire on a “draw Mohammad” free-speech event on Sunday, one of their main targets was Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders, who traveled to the United States under heavy security to speak at the event.

Martin Mawyer from the Christian Action Network states, “Although Christian Action Network had nothing to do with this cartoon-drawing contest, and is not affiliated with the organizers in any way, we produced a documentary a few years ago entitled Islam Rising which explains Geert Wilders’ battle against radical Islam — and also includes his controversial film ‘Fitna’.”

If you’ve never heard of Wilders, this is the film to watch. In Islam Rising, you’ll learn about Wilders’ rise as a Dutch Parliamentarian, and his outspoken criticism of Islam.

“I don’t hate Muslims, I hate Islam,” he said, sparking a maelstrom of Islamic hate from Islamic forces throughout the Middle East and Western Europe. “There is no such thing as moderate Islam,” Wilders also stated, adding: “The Quran is a fascist book.”

Wilders risked his life to produce “Fitna” (meaning “disagreement and division among people”)-which provides proof of Islam’s true radical agenda. The reception was explosive: Al Qaeda placed a death sentence (“fatwa”) on him. Wilders was also banned from entering a number of European countries, included Great Britain, and he was ultimately charged and tried on charges of hate speech for producing the film.

In 2011, Wilders was acquitted of all charges.

Despite threats to his life and the constant risk of facing arrest and going to jail, Mr. Wilders continues to warn the Western World about the dangers of Islam.

In “Islam Rising,” Wilder states, “Mohammed said, ‘I have been ordered to fight against people until they testify that there is no God but Allah alone.’ The purest joy in Islam,” Wilders warns, “is to kill and to be killed.”

“The truth is,” Wilder states regarding the mass migration of Muslims to Europe, “Islam has always attempted to conquer Europe. And it has done so for centuries.”

But this time Islam isn’t trying to conquer Europe with armies, “but through the doctrine of migration.”

“For the first time in world history,” he says, “there are dozens of millions of Muslims living far outside the dark Islamic world. And that poses an enormous threat to us in the West.”

Wilder states that Europeans are losing their culture, identity and even religion to Islam.

“All over Europe, churches are emptying out, whereas mosques are shooting up like mushrooms.”

While native Europeans are losing their national pride and heritage, Wilders cautions that Islam is filling the gap with their own religious identity and practices.

“Burqas, honor killings, female genital mutilation are becoming more and more prevalent in the Europe of today.”

“Sharia statements, Sharia testaments, Sharia mortgages, Sharia schools, Sharia banks and, yes, even in the United Kingdom, Sharia Courts and even Sharia Barbie dolls – we all have it in Europe today.”