Group Seeks To Stop Pornography and Religious Indoctrination in Florida Public Schools

The Florida Citizens’ Alliance (FLCA) is a coalition of citizens and grassroots groups working together through education, outreach and community involvement to advance the ideals and principles of liberty.  FLCA “believes these include but are not limited to individual rights, free markets, and limited government.”

On its website the FLCA asks:

Do you know what your children are reading this summer? And are you aware of the Islamic religious indoctrination that is being infused into our students’ textbooks?

On May 27th, the Collier County Public School (CCPS) district was caught AGAIN recommending pornographic material to K-12 students on their summer reading lists. These lists have been on the CCPS trusted website for several weeks. There have been numerous examples of the district using similar age-inappropriate materials, which have been called to their attention over the past months by citizen watchdog initiatives.

Here are examples from the recommended summer reading lists for students as young as 6th grade!

Beautiful Bastard” by Christina Lauren

This book contains graphically descriptive text, including a rape on a conference room table.

EDITORS NOTE: To avoid offending anyone with the actual text, the FLCA has put an excerpt from this book in a separate post so that readers may choose whether to view it or not.  The Editorial Staff suggests you do, because this is what one of our school boards was recommending that Florida children should read!

The Truth about Alice” by Jennifer Mathieu

Click on image for a larger view.

From page 1 of the book:


“My World History – 6th grade”
Authors: Krull and Karpeil
Published by Pearson, PLC

The following is a recent book review from Lee County’s Citizen Action Committee:

This book comes from a British company, Pearson PLC, with a record of failed performance and law suits that is pages long.  The company’s major stockholders include the Arabic Banking Corporation, and the Government of Libya.  This book contains 31 pages, Chapter 18, on Islam.  Never mentioned is Jihad, marriage of up to 4 women, female mutilation, the Jizyah, death penalty for gays, or growing their religion by bloody conquest.  The fact that Muhammed personally murdered and led murdering troops to convert other religions to Islam or face death was not mentioned, nor was the fact that the youngest of his many wives, Aisha, was 9 years old.  Instead, the entire chapter portrays Islam as just another nice religion like Christianity or Judaism, and in fact, superior to them. … [full review]

The critical question:  Does your school District have in place an aggressive, transparent process required by statute to thoroughly vet all text books and online materials?

Florida State Statute 1003.42 provides the legal requirements for factual instructional materials, and the recently passed SB 864 bill requires a transparent parent-oriented process for reviewing and removing inappropriate materials.  The school boards ultimately are accountable! Create a watchdog citizen action group in your county.

For more information on FLCA Contact them and they will connect you with a mentor to help.

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