Florida Islamic Pedophile – It’s time for a Crusade – The IDF Rules


Ahmed Saleen, CAIR Florida

Welcome to Jump’in Jumm’ah Freaky Friday where we take a look at the Religion of Peace and some of its efforts to Islamize the United States of America.

Up first is one of those Muslim run-of-the-mill beheading stories where a team of Boston jihadis planned to behead Pamela Geller in New York. Nothing new here.

Then we visit one of President Obama’s favorite Muslima at 30,000 feet who believes her civil rights were violated by a flight attendant.

From the Islamic sky to Islamic sex, we take a quick look at a developing story in Florida where a CAIR official, Ahmad Saleem got arrested for attempting to have sex with a child. It is at this point that we present Wild Bill and his very interesting plan to start wearing the Christian Crusader cross on his vest.

We close out our week with an amazing presentation of the young warfighters of the IDF and how they are fighting Muslim jihadis in Israel, the eastern front of Western Civilization. BTW – the jihadis in Israel and the jihadis in Boston, are all members of the same Religion of Peace…


Kentucky: Sunni Muslim assaults Shia over argument about Islam

Police confirm Pamela Geller was initial target of Boston Muslims’ jihad terror plot

Islamic State to Muslims in the Balkans: “Either join it here, or kill there”

Boston jihadis met with third man on Rhode Island beach to plot beheading of Pamela Geller

Pamela Geller, Breitbart OpEd: Targeted by ISIS for Assassination: ‘It Won’t Stop with Me’

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