Boston’s Islamic Jihad Society

Ok, the terrorist is out of the bag. The Islamic Society of Boston is to Muslim jihad what fertilizer is to growing plants. Today we take a deep look into the jihad legacy of the Islamic Society of Boston and how so many “all-star” terrorists were trained at this mosque, including the two jihadis now in the news, Usaama Rahim and David Wright.

It was Usaama Rahim who was planning to behead Pamela Geller but quickly decided to behead some Boston cops instead. Just today, Boston Police released the video of the June 2 shooting of Rahim, 26, as he was approached by law enforcement offices and instead of complying with the police Rahim came at them with a large military-style knife and was gunned down. Not only did Rahim attend the Cambridge mosque of the Islamic Society of Boston but was an employed security guard for them at one point in his life.

Join The United West team as they look at a “Who’s Who” list of Muslim terrorists who either started the Islamic Society of Boston or learned their evils ways while “worshiping” within that Jihad Society.


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