Defending Rep. Mark Meadow’s Viral Facebook Post

What happened to Congressman Mark Meadows is a national embarrassment. John Boehner, and the House leadership team that sanctioned the punishment of Mark Meadows by removing him from a subcommittee chairmanship for voting his conscience during the recent trade debate, have disgraced themselves and the Republican Party.

These are troubled times and the big fights ahead in the 2016 elections center around the ideological path forward for this great country. We cannot fight back against a self-declared socialist (Bernie Sanders), or a far-left redistributionist (Hillary Clinton), after two-terms of devastating social and economic policies by President Obama, with a series of Republican Party field generals who cry and pout on the political battlefield and spend their energy attacking conservatives rather than the ideological opponents of liberty.

And to the cowards in the story who are afraid to sit down and have lunch with Congressman Meadows because you may “be seen” with him after his vote; you are an embarrassment to your districts and the good people who voted you in office. I hope that you are primaried by a man or women with the guts to stand on principles and the willingness to proudly fight for a better tomorrow. Hang your heads in shame knowing that your continued presence in the halls of OUR congress is contributing to the dismantling of the fabric of our great country. You are not part of the problem, you are the problem.

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