Shariah Law: A Major Threat to American Civilization

Since the founding of the United States of America, Liberty has been one of the great hallmarks of our beloved republic.  It is one of the unalienable rights recognized in and protected be the U.S. Constitution.  The blessed right to Liberty or (freedom with responsibility) entails the ability to believe, express, and practice one’s faith according to their own conscience.  There liberties, however, are not absolute and must operate within the bounds of the law.  So for the most part even today, when disagreements and controversies arise in the United States, they are battled in the free marketplace of ideas or resolved in a court of law governed by the laws enacted Congress and state legislatures.  Those laws indiscriminately govern people of all races, religions, and social classes now living throughout America.  They are required to comply with the United States Constitution.

One of the great stories of American history is how until recently, millions upon millions of legal immigrants came into this country and quickly assimilated themselves into the population.  Growing up in Cleveland I saw firsthand the results of the grateful teeming masses who poured unto our shores.  It is called Little Italy, where generations of a community of sovereign citizens whose ancestors came to America seeking a better life.  To this very day their descendants are grateful that their grandparents and great grandparents chose to come to America.

Unfortunately, America is now being plagued with growing dedicated Muslim neighborhood bunkers that are increasingly ruled by shariah law.  First of all, Shari’a law is a brutal war on women concept that is foreign to our society.  The war on women shariah law way of death is not legally approved by most American authorities (although officials in Dearbornistan, MI have been rumored to look the other way while shariah law has been practiced there.)  But it is still generally thought to be incompatible with the existing law of this land and, in numerous respects, contrary to natural justice.

Brutal, uncivilized, dedicated Muslim-shariah law was started approximately fourteen hundred years ago.  The bitter illiterate prophet Mohamed is credited with the origins of Islam.  He spread his dogma at the end of a sword.  One thing that sets the Muslim-shariah concept apart from most other religions is that it not only covers one’s spiritual walk with a deity, but it is a vicious and cruel legal system.  It entails a comprehensive code of law governing the total social, political, and economic lives of all Muslims that must be enforced by the state.

To this day, many Americans still stupidly believe there are moderate and so-called radical Islamic organizations.  All the while, I have and still believe that a Muslim is either dedicated or non- practicing. Simply because the so-called moderate Muslims fully agree with their “radical” friends that using the freedoms we hold dear in America in order to gain control of America is the way to go.  Muslim groups and communities in the U.S. the U.K., France and elsewhere have become bastions of bigoted bullies, who are by any means they deem necessary to gain more and more control of our republic.

I have no doubt that the Islamists are conspiring to overthrow our Constitutionally limited republic way of life.  It is the goal of all dedicated Muslims to take over every society, including the United States of America.  Every dedicated Muslim is waiting for the time to strike the unbelieving infidel, as they are instructed many times in their Qua-ran.  To often, people in the media and in the judiciary do not understand or don’t desire to recognize the alarming threat the dedicated Islamists pose to our nation that has grown too soft for it’s own good.

The worldwide threat of brutal, political Islam now fully ensconced in the United States has become a major danger to our often gullible citizenry.  The Islamic brutes have already begun forcing their insane ideology to force submission to Allah) not only in our America, but in numerous nations throughout the world.  There are reams of documented evidence of the racist proclivities of the Islamists who as of this reading hold thousands of black slaves under the most horrid conditions imaginable.  I find it ironic that the progressive American racist hunters don’t seem to be willing to target the racist Muslims for rebuke.  I label them racist because dedicated muslims are instructed in their Quran to view black people as slaves and raisin heads.

In future columns I will feature more history regarding those who tell the world about the peaceful religion of Islam, while raping, beheading, drowning people for not being Muslim or for being black.  In the meantime, my fellow Americans, drop political correctness like the bad habit it is and help rescue our republic from those who would kill us for sport.  That is their way of spreading the message of the twisted mind of their long dead pedophile-prophet.   If you are so inclined, please pray for the forgiveness of God almighty for the role any of us may have played in opening the door to the massive assault on this, still the greatest nation in the history of the world.

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