What You Need to Know Regarding Sharia Law

The dedicated Muslims throughout the world are on a mad mission of inflicting upon the world their uncivilized form of existence know as shari’ah law.  It is comprised of several authoritative Islamic texts, the chief of which is the Qur’an.  Dedicated Muslims understand the qur’an to be the undisputed so-called holy revelation of allah to be the prophet Muhammad for all Muslims.  As the prolific Islamic author, Dr. Daniel Izzi Dien, noted in his book Outlining Sources of Islamic law.

The Qur’an, also known as the book, al-kitab, represents the most important source of Islamic law, being the ultimate word of the divine.  It is not seen by dedicated Muslims as purely a book of law.  .  But (“the book”) indicates the significance of textual authority, in the Islamic legal mind.  It therefore also implies what was composed and given by Allah.  This so-called first source if Islamic law is to be respected more than any other human made law.  The muslims believe that the qur’an was secured by the divine will and accuracy of the Qur’an as a document can be affirmed on the grounds that it was presented and recorded by oral transmission as well as script.

Of nearly equal importance to the Qur’an in terms of both influence and authority is the Sunnah (the “words and actions, approvals or even silence” ascribe to Muhammad), as recorded in the hadiths.  The Qur’an lays the foundation for the hadiths authoritativeness, commanding true or dedicated Muslims to obey the book and to obey Muhammad.  The Muslim founder, Muhammad likewise declared  that obedience to the qur’an and to his dictates was essential to avoid destruction.  Perhaps this is one of the excuses dedicated Muslims use today to murder, rape, enslave, behead non Muslims and even burn puppies to death.

The hadiths, therefore, are the secondary primary source of Islamic law and are binding authority on how the Qur’an’s dogmatic principles should be administered in Islamic society.  To collections of hadiths are considered “sound” and authoritative; these two are the books are of the Muslim persuasion.  Where the Qur’an and hadiths are silent (or where there is no consensus about authenticity, interpretation, or application of hadiths) the development of the oppressive shari’ah has relied on secondary sources.

One such source is ijma, which is a consensus of academic opinion on any legal issue that arose subsequent to the death of the brutal Muhammad.  The other commonly recognized secondary source of shari’ah qiyas, which are analogized configurations of shari’ah principles to contemporary legal issues by the “highest ranked and most able” shari’ah jurists throughout the Islamic legal tradition.  Due to the various secondary sources of shari’ah and differing levels of acceptance of hadiths among islamists multiple sects, shari’ah differ from nation to nation in the Islamic orb.   This difference of belief and practice within Islam further demonstrates the practical impossibility of incorporating Islamic shari’ah into a foreign legal system or even allowing it to co-exist as a separate legal system.

The framers of the United States Constitution were wise to raft a Bill of Rights that zealously protects religious freedoms while, at the same time, does not establish or force upon Americans, an official national religion.  What resulted are the religion clauses of the First Amendment: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.  Theses clauses, in recognition of the far reaching effects of volitional religious belief, are critical now and were critical at our republic’s founding.  The authors of the constitution were fully aware of the dangers of establishing a combined church and state combination in the national government.

Unfortunately, Islam recognizes no such difference between religion and state.  In fact, Islam is defined as submission to the will of Allah and demands a comprehensive code of laws.  They completely cover the political, social and economic life of the overall community, as well as rituals of worship, including the five times per day bumping of the head on little rugs by Islamic worshiping men.  Many customs of cruelty have emerged out of the dogmatic religion of Islam per instructions within the Qur’an, including the brutal inhumane treatment of women and girls.

The Islamists also believe that wherever they pray, that is automatically their territory and that Allah will provide the means to physically conquer the world.

Whether it is Dearbornistan, MI or near Fort Worth, Texas, Muslims are more boldly either acting out or just demanding the inclusion of shari’ah law into our nations legal system.  On the national level, the Muslim brotherhood is using their numerous American attorney friends and progressive judges to gain an increasingly legal, but unconstitutional foot print within our republic.  May America awaken from her present practice of allowing enemy Muslims to gain a stranglehold on our beloved nation.  If not, we may soon not be able to free ourselves from their evil intentions, without tremendous effort and a substantial loss of life.

Many thanks to the American Center for Law & Justice for informative contributions.

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