U.S. Veterans Administration: Still “Dysfunctional” with “Unaccountability at Every Level”

veritas logoJames O’Keefe, founder of Project Veritas, reports:

It has been over a year since the truth about the VA’s abysmal and unacceptable practices were thrust to the forefront of American politics, and yet there has been no discernible change in this bureaucratic nightmare. Our nation’s veterans deserve so much more and this continued mistreatment of our nation’s heroes is a troubling trend that shows no signs of any, let alone imminent, improvement.

Watch Project Veritas’ latest undercover video below showing that after more than a year of significant public outcry over incredibly long wait times, which in numerous cases resulted in the deaths of veterans, the VA is still failing to meet the basic needs of our veterans. Project Veritas investigative journalists captured on hidden camera a host of VA doctors, staffers, and one top official speaking about the many problems that persist at the VA despite official claims to the contrary.

Among the outspoken was Dr. Kristoffel Dumon, a general surgeon for the VA in Philadelphia, who told a Project Veritas undercover journalist that the VA has a “culture of unaccountability at every level.”

In this latest Project Veritas video, VA Undersecretary and Brigadier General Allison Hickey was captured on hidden camera saying that once veterans enter “the appeals process all bets are off, the only solution to that is changing the law or more people.”

A Project Veritas journalist also spoke with Scott Westguard, a VA contractor, who said on hidden camera that “it’s messed up, it’s dysfunctional, it’s incapable of getting the job done because people are there simply picking up the paycheck. There’s no accountability.”

Project Veritas also caught up with Dr. Raul Zambrano, a VA Medical Officer in the VISN & Network Office, who stated that: “we’re way below water in terms of the ability to supply, to meet the requests that’s demanded.”

It’s been 16 months since we learned of the waiting time scandal at the VA. In our last video covering the VA scandal, we identified that 22 of our nation’s heroes were dying by their own hands each day, as opposed to on the battlefield. Our first VA video has already been used to brief Congressmenabout overprescribing dangerous medications to veterans at a recent hearing on Capitol Hill.

In this video, we reveal some of the key underlying flaws within the VA which clearly make the system seem absolutely broken. Our veterans clearly deserve better.

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  1. Georgie
    Georgie says:

    I CAN’T WAIT ANY LONGER!!!! I want the VA to re-imburse me the out of pocket expenses for the back surgery that I required last October. I am part of this “UNACCOUNTABLE SYSTEM” and was already being treated by the VA for 3 years with excruiating, chonic back pain. Last year, as my problems worsened, the VA LEFT ME BEDRIDDEN FOR 6 weeks with just my sefvice dog at my side and NO CARE or assistance from them.

    My family, came to my home and took me up to the Laser Spine Institute in Tampa and within a week, with the same medical evidence that the VA had in their possession; the doctors there showed me that I needed surgery ASAP. One week later, after a 4 hour back surgery, I was able to walk out of there, on my own, in minimual pain, and my blood pressure that had been very HIGH for over 3 years, had returned back down to normal. The VA just wanted to increase my BP meds.

    HELLO VA. You’re telling me that I didn’t get the surgury PRE-APPROVED. Really? Who’s fault is that? I called 3 DIFFERENT departments (as I am required to do): my primary care doctor, the Women’s Clinic, and I was already working with your Patient’s Advocate Office for 2 years and you ALL let me down!!!! Even my family called and spoke with you to let you know of the developments at every step of the way. WE HAVE THAT ALL RECORDED!

    This IS NOT acceptable for me or for any other veteran. That $27,000 was part of my retirement money; but why should you people care. As long as you get your millions of dollars in bonuses every year…the breauracy says: THE HELL WITH THE VETERANS!!!!!!!!!!!!



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