Uganda: Christian Pastor Umar Mulinde’s U.S. Visa Tied up in Bureaucratic Red-tape

In February 2012 I had the opportunity to interview the amazing Christian Pastor Umar Mulinde, from Uganda who was a former Muslim. Pastor Mulinde was in the burn unit at Sheba, the marvelous hospital in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Mulinde was taken in by the government of Israel to be treated after being attacked by Muslims in Uganda who threw ACID into his face on Christmas eve 2011. Pastor Mulinde has been through scores of operations and made a miraculous recovery. Now he is headed to a speaking tour in California, USA.

BUT, he is having a great deal bureaucratic trouble trying to secure his U.S. Visa. 

If you are in touch with any elected officials please contact them with this letter and let’s help this wonderful man, Pastor Umar Mulinde make it to the USA! The letter from the Uganda government is not for general public distribution but for those who may be able to help Pastor Mulinde.

Here is the interview my team and I did back in 2012.

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