Time for all Americans to read ‘The Camp of the Saints’

Invasion of Europe News…..

VDARE has pointed us to this Powerline post by Steven Hayward today entitled ‘Camp of the Saints, Revisited.’  I recommend this now over 40-year-old eerily prescient novel to all of you for your summertime reading ‘pleasure.’  Warning! It is not for the squeamish or faint of heart!

Camp of the Saints

Hayward says what we have been saying and why we post as often as possible on the ‘Invasion of Europe’the American media is not paying attention to the growing migration crisis in Europe.

From Powerline:

If you want to see the immigration crisis getting completely out of control, check out northern France, where several thousand “migrants”—as the press describes them—are trying to charge through the Channel Tunnel to Britain, where, they suppose, the welfare state will take care of them.It hasn’t been receiving much media coverage in the U.S., except for the Wall Street Journal, which notes today that the disruption at the Channel is bad for business.

As the Wall Street Journal quoted one aspiring client a few days ago:

“Here, no one looks after me,” the teenager said. “In the U.K., I can be a big man.”

No one looks after me. The Telos of the welfare state, in five words. More revealing is this passage:

“Stopping them is becoming very difficult since they’re just not afraid of the police anymore,” a French police officer said.

It looks more and more like Jean Raspail’s controversial 1973 novel, The Camp of the Saints, come to life.

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EDITORS NOTE: Readers may download a free PDF version of Jean Raspail’s 1973 novel The Camp of the Saints here.

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  1. Magnus
    Magnus says:

    Thanks for sharing this!
    Just heard of the book yesterday, on a video by YouTube content creator “Black Pigeon Speaks”
    (the video is called “Crisis in Calais: The Jungle” it’s @ youtu.be/nS0o42fe770 )
    Hearing him list some of the parallels with today that a French author wrote in the ’70s really surprised me.
    The new pope being from Latin America ALONE is amazing!
    Who could have possibly guessed that in the ’70s? (apparently Jean Raspail LOL!)
    I didn’t think that I would EVER see anything but a European white guy in the funny hat, and this book came out before I was born! (October ’75)
    Has he had any comments about the “refugee” crisis?
    Wikipedia tells me that he’s still alive, but I don’t get any hits in google news, etc…
    Thanks again for posting this, I can’t wait to dig in!



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