Homosexuals and Transgenders Embracing Witchcraft

It’s not enough that homosexuals and transgenders hate Christians. Now we learn that young members of the LGBT community are embracing witchcraft. Moira Donovan in a column titled “How Witchcraft Is Empowering Queer and Trans Young People” on Vice.com reports:

…Witchcraft is seeing a resurgence among queer-identified young people seeking a powerful identity that celebrates the freedom to choose who you are.

Soft-spoken and covered in tattoos, Colby Gaudet doesn’t exactly fit the stereotypical image of the witch. But Gaudet’s been known to launch into a ritual when the moment is right. And identifying as a witch appeals to Gaudet’s self-professed “strange exhibitionist quality” by playing with people’s preconceived notions of tattoos, of Gaudet’s non-binary gender identity, and of how a witch should look.

Gaudet first discovered witchcraft as a teenage boy growing up in rural Nova Scotia in the 1990s. The message of self-acceptance and personal freedom Gaudet encountered in books from the 70s and 80s allowed them to explore a queer identity in a space free from shame and guilt.

“Those were my first steps into embracing my own sexuality and the first glimpses of exploring my gender,” Gaudet told VICE via Skype from Vancouver, British Columbia.

[ … ]

As they entered their mid 20s and began identifying as non-binary, Gaudet rediscovered witchcraft through queer witches who directed Gaudet to more subversive practices. The timing was hardly coincidental; Gaudet says the capacity for witchcraft to accommodate alternative expressions of gender is what makes it appealing to a new generation of witches.

Non-binary? Really? There you have it. LGBT youth embracing witchcraft to justify their unnatural sexual behaviors. They certainly have sided with the right guy – Satan. Their “powerful identity” is with the devil.

The old crone at the edge of the village has been replaced by the queerest of witches. Pun intended.


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  1. Jeanne Webb
    Jeanne Webb says:

    He applies his make-up much better than I do. Seriously, Thank You Dr. Swier for providing you many informative articles.

  2. Liza Lott (@lott_liza)
    Liza Lott (@lott_liza) says:

    Thank you for posting Vice.com’s article intact, without changing gender identifiers. Way cool to respect gender identity!

  3. Cucco
    Cucco says:

    It would be more appropriate to say that CHRISTIANS hate homosexual and transgenders, it’s because of their long time hate, abuse, rejection and violence against the LGBTT community that they are looking for answers and spiritual guide somewhere else.

    • Dr. Rich Swier
      Dr. Rich Swier says:

      Muslims hate homosexuals. Christians hate the sin but love the sinner. In Islam they throw homosexuals off of roof tops. In Christian nations homosexuals are allow to practice their sinful behaviors without fear of retribution. Your statement is patently false.

      • Cucco
        Cucco says:

        That’s nice rhetorics Dr…. reality is that every doctrine, religion and dogma with the figure of a central “father” that dictates behavior hates homosexualism and homosexuals, we have more than enough evidence of violence and hate crimes against the LGBTT community in this country. The only reason Christians don’t kill more Gay people in USA is because they’ll get jailed for life and in jail they’ll face hard core criminals that will claim them as women.

        • Dr. Rich Swier
          Dr. Rich Swier says:

          Your hate for Christians, which is the topic of this column, is obvious. Witchcraft better fits homosexuals. US laws are based upon Christian values.

          The LGBT community hates those not like them and forces ordinary Americans to go against what they know is right – a traditional family made up of a biological mother and biological father with their biological children.

          Tell me in homosexual relationships who is the bugger (male/father figure) and who is the buggee (woman).

  4. fconnie
    fconnie says:

    Transgender create hate against gender.
    It is a problem in the criminal world with the identification of people and crime can not be reserached by the police officers. So that is a problem. We have a society so homosexuals and Lesbians got to cooperate with the rest of the people who are hetero. Otherwise the policie officers can not fight criminals. Altho that is how we call it. I do not agree on fight criminals. But we need only to identify people.
    Because if you say you are a boy while you are a girl it gives girls a bad name.
    That is the reason transgender exists. They hide their ID or identity but bring others in trouble. So behind tears of self pity is something else that criminals who do not listen to the law can hide behind to fool the goverment that they feel discriminated. nobody is discriminating but they not fight the law and are not rebellions like honest witches and christians who are sincere. So christians must not say witches are homosexuals or have demons or a portal. And leave witches alone. But if witches allow homosexuals they become a threat to christians what is understandable but if homosexual is allowed by the church forced by the government then that is wrong to and the church is infiltrated. Normal homosexuals and transgender have to understand and can understand the church and witches stick with the law and law of nature because hetero is not want to fight the law in their nature so the government can not hold that against them and call it discrimination if you do fight the law like people who were not obey what god wanted. they had a right in the land under agreements and later break the agreements and do as they are pleasing. right now the police officers are in trouble because of this and the government should not put the police officers in trouble who get also in trouble if the government calls it discrimination of witches and christians what is not the case and they both have a right for a lawyer to speak up for them and the law of the land when we had a agreement signed and those children have to obey that law and the government can not say we are allowed to fight the law. So there is a law not to be in somebody’s private live if people do not want them in their private life. so the law try to understand god and therefor we need to know about god and understand god. spiritual people a church word is the task to study about god. So how come the government teach us we are allowed to be against spiritual people? No spiritual people no people who understand god. if we fight the law it self and say as an atheist no law no god we like to do as we are pleasing like steeling and break the ten commands then what does the word government mean according the government if they have nothing to do with the land and the law and think if you have a lot of money and economics you can start to live where you want to and are forced to join their wealth even you do not want to and they get in your private live when they are pleasing even you do not want it and give them no aproval and no portal. then we can no longer go to a lawyer when we are treated unjustice.

    So I am pro people got to be identified. not to judge them but to make police officers be able always to do their work proper in case things go wrong like when people stealing or robbing or raping etc. because if you make that legal they force other people to rape other people or force even little children to kill babies and later say what a horrible little children. we must not help provoke these things from be able to happen. it is time people think instead of just feeling sorry when they see and meet the pity demon that comes always from criminals or are forced to come with the pity demon if we take not the law serious. do not forget many atheists are forced and live under force to say what they say. we need not to hate them but we also do not need to be ignorand of what is going on in this world and we also do not need to keep the police officers ignorant about real facts. stop put fear in people for authority. first it was the pope then the government and the the law and police officers. it is false propaganda and it is better we come not along with those spread lies in the benefit of all people because then we need to feel pity with anybody since only then everybody can live happy.


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