Today’s Democratic Party is full of Moonbats

I have been at this game of politics for some time now.  Even before I became a talk show host, I was involved in politics.  As an adult, I was elected as a Senator to my College Student Government and I was even appointed as the Chairman of the Student Aid Research Committee also known as SARC.  I spent a full year going to Albany, New York where I had to lobby the state Assembly and the Senate for more student aid for the state and it was not a pleasant experience. I got an education about how the system works and how the left and the right promise the sun to your face, but in reality they can’t even deliver the moon.

Unfortunately the truth is nothing has improved.  In fact one could argue that things have actually gotten worse because our nation has been forced further to the left even when the American public wants things to be more right of center. What we have today is a Republican Party that is now what the Democratic Party used to be and we now have a Democratic Party that has moved so far left that it’s become filled with people and ideas that were once limited to Socialists and Communists. The left has become full of Moonbats.

It has been said that the full moon has an effect on human beings and that people tend to be a little more off their rocker when that orb is high, full, and bright.  But it now seems that the moon is full all the time because they defend the murderous actions of Planned Parenthood and give the excuse it is nothing more than a woman’s health issue.  We have the Black Lives Matter movement that seems to think Black Lives only matter when a white police officer kills a black person but they forget the fact that black people kill more black people every year.  They also forget the fact that Planned Parenthood aborts more black babies every year but the only thing that matters to them is what a white police officer does to a black suspect.

We also have Global Climate Change which used to be called Global Cooling, however, the science and actual, real life observance of the climate and weather proved that the planet was not cooling off which would have brought about another Ice Age. Then the left changed their words and their meaning to Global Warming but again the same thing happened.  The science and the actual live reality did not match the doomsday scenario that those Moonbats told us was going to end civilization as we know it. When they no longer could fight reality, those Moonbats shifted gears yet again.  They now call it full on Man Made Global Climate Change and we also have a US President who spouts this rhetoric almost daily. The problem is, like many who are of the ruling and wealthy class, they are hypocrites when it comes to this Global Warming Moonbattery because the president and those rich and famous folk will fly private jets that burn thousands of gallons of jet fuel and then ride in limousines that burn hundreds of gallons of gasoline just so they can give a speech or make an appearance in support of this fake science.

Let’s not forget that we have millions of people who have decided to invade our sovereign nation simply because they say they want a better life and they know they break our laws but we are to let them in and let them stay anyway.  If we do not let them stay and if we do not give them all the government services and benefits that used to be reserved for legal citizens then we are anti human and bigoted.  Forget the fact that no other nation on the planet allows what we are allowing and yet the left is completely silent on that fact.

Also let us not forget we have a presidential candidate within the Democratic Party, who is at the top of the political election polls that has been embroiled in scandal after scandal after scandal.  This candidate has been caught in lie after lie after lie.  Yet somehow this candidate remains that party’s top choice. We know she lied then covered up the lie about a number of issues. In fact we had a former president resign his office for a crime far less serious than what this Democratic Candidate is accused of and has already proven to have done. Yet somehow, when anyone, especially those on the right bring this up, they are the ones who are evil, mean spirited, misogynistic, and bigoted, and need to be silenced.

Which brings me to my last example of many and trust me there are many.  Freedom of speech, according to the Moonbat left, is reserved for those who spew the same hatred they do.  If you speak of anything that resembles the truth but it makes folks feel bad then you need to be silenced.  In fact they believe in selective freedom of speech so much that even the President of the United States has openly said that we need to amend the 1st Amendment and change and limit the free expression of speech and ideas.

Yes folks, there is a full moon over the United States of America and the creature that flies by its liberal light are called Moonbats.  They can only be defeated at the election polls which is why we who are not Moonbats need to vote for and elect the most Conservative candidate available that can win.  It is the only cure.  It is the only solution.

If we don’t then our entire nation will be overrun by Moonbats.  And frankly, there has never been a nation in history that has survived when it was taken over by Moonbats.

Do you really want the United States to be the next civilization destroyed by Moonbats?

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