Trump on Syrian Muslim refugees: ‘We have too many problems of our own!’

The other day, Presidential candidate Donald Trump sounded a bit squishy on the issue of bringing in large numbers of Syrian refugees, but on Hannity last night he says what sure sounds like a NO!

Watch the clip, he does mention that the wealthy Gulf Arab States and Russia aren’t taking any (terrorism fears?).  He could mention that China is never asked to take any as well!  The UN does pound Japan to take refugees, but they only take a tiny number as they are wisely trying to save their unique culture.

Here he is in a far-ranging interview that begins with his views on the Iran nuclear deal.  For the refugee discussion begin watching at 7:50 minutes.  Thanks to Richard at Blue Ridge Forum for alerting us to this news.

Please see our earlier post this morning where we reported that fellow GOP Presidential hopeful, Gov. Scott Walker, is saying no as well.

If you see more on what position other candidates are taking, please send a link in a comment to this post.

Obama will likely be telling the world sometime this month how many he will “welcome” to live in your towns and cities.

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