Pulling Back the Curtain on the Media’s Bias

Have they no shame? Can America’s ideologically constipated, left wing, mainstream media get any worse? The answer appears to be yes. After largely ignoring the gruesome Planned Parenthood videos and instead focusing on Marco Rubio’s wife’s driving violations, they have now moved on to Donald Trump and Kim Davis.

You likely saw the widely reported story about the two brothers from Boston who allegedly beat up a homeless man and, after being caught, were reported to have told police officials, “Donald Trump was right, all these illegals need to be deported.” But, did you see the other headline? The headline that read, “Alleged Manhattan Gunman was an Elizabeth Warren Supporter”?

Unless you read Conservative Review, Breitbart, or Heavy.com, then the odds of you reading this story are minuscule. The general premise the ideologically slanted mainstream media has been working with in its attempt to ensure maximum distribution of the Trump headline while suppressing the Warren headline, is “Conservativism inspires violence.”

Exposing media bias in cases like this is critical because the members of the media who are promoting the Trump story were not saying, “political speech inspires violence” they were saying “CONSERVATISM inspires violence.” Sadly, this is not the first time we have seen this theme appear in the writings of media figures on both the reporting, and opinion, sides of the media house.

Far left opinion columnist Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post tried this same sleight-of-hand trick when he disingenuously tried to pin some of the blame on former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin for the shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords by Jared Loughner, writing that she should “consider being quiet for a while” after the shooting. Robinson, either not bright enough to realize that his Palin hit piece was an anti-free speech screed, or so ideologically married to hard-left ideology that he was blind to the irony, penned a piece just three years later, absolving President Obama, Al Sharpton, and New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio for the actions of cop killer Ismaaiyl Brinsley (who was reported to have been inspired by a movement these far left political figures vocally supported). Robinson jumped the credibility shark in his subsequent piece by writing that they “are in NO WAY responsible” (emphasis mine).

Other committed leftist columnist, Dana Milbank, also of the Washington Post, is another hypocrite anxious to sacrifice his credibility for Internet clicks from rabid leftists. Milbank, who was quick to celebrate civil disobedience on the part of immigration activists who aligned with his ideologically leanings, even asking the President to join in the protest where illegal immigrants were present, was, hypocritically, quick to condemn civil disobedience in the case of Kim Davis. Milbank ridiculously attempts to explain away his hypocrisy by claiming that ignoring the law is okay as long as it doesn’t involve “ignoring court orders.”

Sadly, Milbank is serious with his outrageous attempt to be logical and consistent. In Milbank’s bizarre world, it’s okay to violate clearly written laws which conflict with far leftist ideology because this is the “good” civil disobedience, not involving “court orders” but, when a registered Democrat such as Kim Davis, engages in an act of civil disobedience, based on a sincere religious objection, and the cause conflicts with leftist thinking, then she deserves to be jailed. Don’t try to make sense out of this because you will pull your hair out in the process.

These blatant inconsistencies and hypocrisies are not an accident. The organized left doesn’t believe in principled civil disobedience, they believe in the accumulation of power at any cost, the Constitution and the rule of law be damned. If jailing Kim Davis in perpetuity would advance their end game of dismantling the traditional family and instilling cultural relatively from the home, to the school, to the government, then that is exactly what they would do. The far left’s inclination will always be to suppress opposing political views because the movement’s scandalous flirtations with socialism can only evolve into a successful marriage if government force is involved and, tragically, history is clear on this.

Whether it’s punishing religious freedom, verbal policing on college campuses, FEC Chairwoman Ann Ravel’s push for regulating political speech online, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler’s push for expanded control over the web, the IRS, and their targeting of conservative groups, or the President’s dangerous rhetoric, directed at his political opposition, they will continue to take every opportunity to try to intimidate conservatives through the media, the regulatory and law enforcement infrastructure, and the legislative process.

So just stop pretending. People in positions of public influence such as Eugene Robinson and Dana Milbank should just be honest and tell America how they really feel. If you disagree with us we will support whatever means we need to do, including, but not limited to, destroying your name, jailing you, lying about you, and creating disingenuous false narratives, to ensure that we crush and silence you.

Information is power and the ability to see and bring attention to the constant stream of obvious media hypocrisy is a weapon we must employ to counter their endless feed of bogus narratives. It can be depressing to watch leftist activists pretend to be unbiased journalists or rational opinion writers but, on a positive note, we are winning the long game. Yes, we are winning due to the commitment of many conservatives, Libertarians and Republicans to exposing media trickery. Pulling back the curtain and exposing media bias has dissolved the trust between the media and Americans searching for the truth. Keep up the fight and whenever you see these examples of bias, get your letter to the editor ready, fire up your social media accounts, cancel your subscriptions, and get your game face on. This fight is too important to lose.

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared in the Conservative Review. The featured image is by Charles Dharapak | AP Images.

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