America’s Biggest Problem

When I read that 71% of the American people loath Political Correctness (PC), my love for those people tripled. I knew that Americans are not well educated on Soviet Fascism, but… I also knew that they were the fairest people in the world. Their loath for PC showed them out as even more sensitive to the adversarial and harmful actions against the American interests. They did not know that PC was the Stalinist ideological invasion into our culture, they felt it intuitively. I am not sure that Trump, like the vast majority of Americans knows about Soviet Fascism and the real source of PC, yet, with his magnetic personality he is symbolizes them all. It is an uprising against the ignorant political class in Washington.

Political Correctness—Ideological Tool of Soviet Fascism

I dedicated many pages to present to America Political Correctness, its real author and architect, and his agenda.  If you read my books, you could see that I started approaching the subject by introducing the new terms like WWIII and Soviet Fascism decades ago.  I did it because Political Correctness is the major method in fighting the war against Western civilization and implementing the Ideology of Soviet Fascism. Do you remember the four main components in my definition of WWIII? They are the following: Recruitment, Infiltration, Drugs and Assassinations. Recruitment and Infiltration are inextricably connected. Neither could have been achieved without Political Correctness.

Moreover, I gave you my definition of PC:

“… Political Correctness is a Stalinist policy, driven by the political agenda, a skillfully crafted design of quintessential system of leis and a long-term strategy of war against Western civilization and creation of One World Government.”

Yes, the Stalinist agenda is the creation of One World Government under the Kremlin auspices by using PC, its two arms of secrecy and deceit. If other two components of WWIII, drugs and assassinations are the physical force applied in the war by Soviet Fascism, recruitment and Infiltration are more a psychological one, aiming at the destruction of our culture.

It is needless to repeat the history of the 20’s century and talk about PC’s manipulation and brainwashing of human mentality, I have done it in my books and articles. And I am delighted by the recent article that brilliantly narrated and introduced an American understanding of the subject, presenting it even better than I could’ve done with my lack of eloquence in English.

The Thought Police 2016

In Obama’s America, political correctness reaches new heights of madness

America’s “big problem,” declared Donald Trump during the first GOP presidential debate, “is being politically correct.”

Many Americans first heard about “political correctness” back in 1990 from Newsweek’s iconic “THOUGHT POLICE” issue.

Newsweek’s astonishingly candid cover story accurately described the “PC” phenomenon – then blossoming on college campuses nationwide – as “Marxist” and “totalitarian” in origin.

Since then, political correctness and the powerfully totalitarian leftist agenda underlying it have turned many of America’s top universities into what historian William Lind calls “small, ivy-covered North Koreas.”

I can sign every word presented above. Please, go to my definition to PC: it was created and used since 1920s, when Stalin had been transforming Russia to the Soviet Union. Today we are experiencing the same transformation of America by Obama. And that is the reason, I am writing about Stalinism, which I call Soviet Fascism.

As I wrote in preceding columns: contemporary politics for me presents a dark room, Trump, as a real product of a successful American capitalism entered the dark room and turned light On. I do not know whether he knew that illegal immigration is one of the fronts in WWIII.  Perhaps, as the majority of American people he felt it intuitively and he was right. And again, I am signing every word written below:

“Donald Trump is right about political correctness,” said Whistleblower Editor David Kupelian. “It is like a disease that has infected America and is destroying it. The cure is truth, spoken boldly and courageously, but without hate. That’s what readers will find in abundance in “THOUGHT POLICE 2016.”

The Mechanism Political Correctness Operates

In my articles written in 2011-2013, I gave several examples of PC’s machinery that infiltrated all spheres of our society: politics, the art, education, and so on. I do not know whether it is possible to recover some of the articles. Hence, I have to present some examples again and the recent one is the Nuclear Deal with Iran. Above mentioned Editor David Kupellan is right: The cure is truth, spoken boldly. Yes, and you are the witnesses of the system and incredible Lies the recent administration operates on. Look at the recent Nuclear Deal with Iran and how Obama and his administration is following Stalin’s precepts. Look at them:

  1. Establishment of a false premise for a future theory or action.
  2. Usage of the false premise as a foundation of the theory or action.

While introducing Stalin in the beginning of the series, among other epithets, I called him a charlatan of a highest class. Today, I’d like to show you the dreadful harm, which has been brought to the world by Stalinism and his PC. Please, look at the real definition of the word Premise in the Dictionary:


1. a previous statement or proposition from which another is inferred or follows as a conclusion. “if the premise is true, then the conclusion must be true”

1.Verb base an argument, theory, or undertaking on. “the reforms were premised on our findings”

Let’s take as an example the Nuclear Deal with Iran: the false premise was established by Obama in the beginning of the discussion—Nuclear Deal or War.

The alternative given to you by Obama is a false one and created in the best traditions of Stalinism and its Political Correctness against the American interests and our national security. The premise or assessment has been FALSE. There are definitely several alternative to deal with Iran to prevent the war. The logical one was–To double the sanctions that have already existed and to punish Iran for being the biggest sponsor of global terror while proclaiming “Death to America!” The double sanctions in reality could prevent the war and served our national security interests. Obama has done just the opposite.

On the top of that, look at the “yes-men” Democrats and the media, serving  one party system, repeating the myth.  Eugene Robinson is one of them:

“The Iran deal, in my view, is another remarkable (Obama) achievement. Beyond the fact that it definitively keeps Tehran from building a nuclear weapon for at list 15 years, the agreement offers Iran’s leaders a path toward renewed membership in the community of nations. The mullahs may decide to remain defiant and isolated, but at least they now have a choice.” Washington Post Writers Group. 9, 8, 15.

What world is Mr. Robinson live in? What does he know about the ideology of Soviet Fascism that was implemented in Iran by the Soviets and Russian KGB for the last decades? He, together with Obama invites to the community of nations the country that in cahoots with Russia is Balkanizing the world for the decades and killed 500 our soldiers in Iraq. What does he know about WWIII waged against Western civilization and millions innocent killed around the globe? Does he know anything about five secret agreements and Iran’s secret nuclear complex near Esphahan, never mentioned in the deal? Maybe Mr. Robinson knows that mullahs will self-inspect their nuclear and military facilities?

I would suggest to Mr. Roberts reading an excellent article written by the man, who reflects a real life of our times. Maybe Mr. Roberts can learn the dreadful network of our enemies who are weaving a rotten plot against American interests with both ‘slick Willi” and Obama for many years preceding the deal. For this reason, I am giving you the piece that confirms my opinion:

Tablet Magazine


In the fight over sanctions and the nuclear deal, how did the supposedly all-powerful pro-Israel lobby lose to the slick operatives of the National Iranian American Council?

By Lee Smith September 1, 2015

“Trita Parsi, the Iranian-born émigré who moved to the United States in 2001 from Sweden, where his parents found refuge before the Islamic Revolution, should be the toast of Washington these days. As I argued in Tablet magazine several years ago, Parsi is an immigrant who in classic American fashion wanted to capitalize on the opportunity to reconcile his new home and his birthplace. And now he’s done it: The founder and president of the National Iranian American Council (NIAC), the tip of the spear of the Iran Lobby, has won a defining battle over the direction of American foreign policy. The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action not only lifts sanctions on Iran, a goal Parsi has fought for since 1997, but also paves the way for a broader reconciliation between Washington and Tehran across the Middle East.”

I was amazed reading the analyses presented by Lee Smith. The depth of knowledge of the subject and its intriguing history reflects the reality of our days. Furthermore the usage of the term “Agents of influence” presented by the Soviet military document of 1955 that I had given you many years ago and the term “slick” in describing Parsi is speaking for itself. Reading the article will also bring you to the September of 2015, as Hillary Clinton’s emails demonstrate, a 10-page plan sent to her by four key members of The Iran Project provided the blueprint for America’s strategy with Iran.

The Clinton Gang and 9/11/2001

Please remember my description of the Clinton Gang, its infiltration into all our intelligence agencies during Bill’s presidency and systematic activities against the American interests. Jerome Corsi is right: WALL STREET EXPERT: CLINTON FOUNDATION A ‘VAST CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY’. I have been writing about Clinton since I saw him in 1991. I knew who he was and if you take any of my books, you’ll see my loath for him and suspicious for his intelligence agencies. I was his enemy, a knowledgeable one and a victim of his intelligence agencies since 1993. If you read the last page of Baltic Winds, you will see the letter of the University’s Dean dismissing me from a teaching position, dated May 1993. It was a beginning of my constant persecution by Clinton’s intelligence apparatus.

Here is my cry and description of numerous abuses by our intelligence against me written in 2011:

“In the meantime, I continue living in the iron cage. My computer is monitored and my e-mails are going with the warning stamp or seal “suspect.” My telephone is wiretapped, I cannot talk freely and my mail is arrested the way it used to be in the Soviet Union. Some defaming information has been spread about me and a few of my “friends” stopped communication with me. I can’t call any radio show—my phone will be disconnected immediately. Moreover, this manuscript is read by Obama’s campaign—he is changing his behavior in accordance with his exposure by me. This means that the Kremlin read it also and is changing its politics accordingly. I do not know how many days are left for me.” P.331, What is Happening to America? The Hidden Truth of Global Destruction. Xlibris, 2012.

It took me a couple of days to complete this column, my computer was unexpectedly shut down several times. I can add more to that: All my books are a forbidden read—our intelligence agencies have been blocking information about them from the moment of their publication. Russia’s aggressive strategy and ideology are changing the world, yet, the White House and our Intelligence playing down the danger.

As you can see, the news that our intelligence agencies in 9/11 were working against our interests is not a revelation for me they are doing the same today. At the time of 9/11, I lived in New York- New Jersey and I knew John O’Neal, a man thinking alike me, a real patriot of America. A week or so prior to the crime of 9/11 he was assigned as a Chief Security to the Towers. Today it is an evidence of the intentional murder of almost 3.000 people including John O’Neal, a man who loved America the Beautiful. Please, remember the mechanism of Political Correctness in WWIII—recruitment and infiltration—a social and psychological front keeping fighting against Western civilization.

Reading this series of articles, you should know my opinion about some in our intelligence agencies working hand-in-hand with Russian Intelligence. I can give you a recent example of that. In November-December of 2014, I have watched a huge Russian military operation—cyberattacks on the websites of the organizations and persons who was exposing Soviet Fascism. You probably remember only a cyberattack on Sony. We were told that North Korea was doing it. Wrong! North Korea is the Stalinist State, inextricably tied to Russia, it can’t exist without Russia and completely subordinated to it. What we saw was the usual Russian camouflage to cover-up its own cyberattacks activities using the satellites.

Among November-December cyberattacks were many other victims including the person writing this column—my website, informing about me and my books was eliminated. There were also eliminated other websites that had been exposing and fighting against the Russian Intelligence for years. The most important was Hartia 97, a human rights group from Belorussia and other analogous human rights groups in the world.  The news about the traitors in our intelligence is not news for me, I have been warning about the traitors for the last two decades, but my writings was blocked. Alas, that is a result we are now dealing with the sponsor of terrorism Islamic Iran. Do not be surprised by a recent trip of General Qasem Soleimani, a Chief of Quds Force to Moscow—The KGB has built a Revolutionary Guard, Quds Force, and the entire system of Soviet Fascism in Iran for the last decades. (read What is happening to America?) I expect Russia and Iran will fight in Syria to secure Assad.

The time has come now to expose both leaders of the party called Democratic, I was warning you for decades.The Obama/Putin Joint Venture, I named Destruction of the American Republic is a continuation of the Clinton Gang deeds, the actions against our interests by the Democrat Party—the enemy within. Mike Huckabee, has gone further “as to argue that Obama “will take the Israelis and march them to the door of the oven.” Don’t you sense a small and a warning of Soviet Fascism keeping fighting Western civilization? The 21st century needs a President Reagan No.2, who realizes that Russia and now China are working hand-in-hand against us for decades.

Wake up America! Stop a catastrophic Iran’s Nuclear Deal!! Prevent the Iranian criminals from receiving $150 billion! Hold accountable the banks releasing the money. It is the time for America To BE or NOT TO BE.

To be continued at

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