End Sexual Exploitation Movement Growing

I am excited to report that the 2nd Annual Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation was a complete success!

Over 300 leading organizations and experts gathered to discuss not only the harms of sexual exploitation, but also the hope for our ability to make a positive difference. Attendees came to Orlando for this historic Summit from all over the United States, and from all over the world, including regions like South Africa, Australia, Nigeria and India.

It was an encouraging, fast-paced, event where experts on trafficking, pornography, parenting, and more, learned from one another and recieved high end organizational training in order to become more efficient in their work.

Attendees also had the opportunity to take several actions against companies or organizations that are facilitating sexual exploitation. Most exciting of all, as a result of this Summit, thousands of postcards have now been directed at Amnesty International, calling on them to reverse their policy for decriminalizing prostitution. Amnesty International has abandoned the human rights of all men and women who experience the exploitation of prostitution by advocating for a policy that would by nature only benefit human traffickers, pimps, and brothel-owners.

Many more pictures and videos from this event are on their way, so stay tuned!

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It is only because of your support that this amazing Summit was able to take place. Thank you!

Dawn Hawkins
Vice President & Executive Director | National Center on Sexual Exploitation

EDITORS NOTE: Morality in Media and PornHarms.com changed its name to the National Center on Sexual Exploitation to better describe our scope and mission to expose the seamless connection between all forms of sexual exploitation.

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