Putting American Interests First

140713-Ben-Carson-ftrWhy does it seem that many Americans are more loyal to those who use their religion to abuse women, blow up churches, torture animals, enslave black Africans, and call for jihad on America than to a patriot like Dr. Ben Carson?  I understand he didn’t exactly trip over himself to initially say that a Muslim should be president, but please give me a break.  When a television talk show host asked Dr. Carson that got you question regarding the United States having a Muslim as president question, the good doctor simply stated, “I would not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of this nation I absolutely would not agree with that.”  To me he exhibited a high degree of understanding of reality and conviction when he doubled down on his views concerning the matter, when he told Sean Hanity on FOX News “We don’t put people at the head of our country whose faith might interfere with carrying out the duties of the Constitution.”

Let us not forget that the question asked Dr. Carson was a hypothetical one. He simply answered it as such.  Now based upon the multi century history of those who practice Islam, Mr. Carson was, is and will always be justified in giving the answer he gave.

The pro-jihadist group, the Council on American-Islamic Relations feigned their outrage at what Dr. Carson said.  In fact, they called for political leaders from “across the political spectrum to repudiate these unconstitutional and un-American statements and for Dr. Carson to withdraw from the presidential race.  Such hypocrisy would have me falling over with bellowing laughter if it were not connected to such an important and volatile subject.  Arson was lambasted by CAIR members for what they called a religious test.

But yet the jihadist, sharia law pushers they support are on a daily basis calling for a takeover of the United States and abolishment of our Constitution.  Also, One News Now columnist Bryan Fischer pointed out recently that article VI reads:  “No religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States.”  He revealed that the only restriction is on the federal government.  It bans the federal government and the federal government only from requiring a candidate for public office to pass a religious test.  In other words, only the federal government can violate Article VI.

So, a candidate for public office could not violate Article VI.  It is not a restraint on candidates, but rather it is a restraint on the federal government.  More to the correct point, it should be noted that the ban on a religious test is a ban on the government, not the voters.  While the federal government cannot apply a religious test, voters can use any test they want to.

At the time of the founding of our Republic, every colony had a religious test for holding public office.  Believe it or not eight states still do today.  This is as constitutional as you can get, whether the bigoted anti-Christian progressives of today like it or not.

But back to the issue of presidential candidate Ben Carson’s remarks regarding him not advocating the putting of a Muslim in the White House which makes perfect sense.  Let us not forget that numerous imams, jihadists and ISIS terrorists are always calling for the overthrow of America and death to Israel.  I believe that Islam is an abusive political ideology that is utilized masqueraded as a religion.  Perhaps if presidential candidates Ted Cruz and Carly Fiorina would take a closer look at reality rather than pander to the incurably ignorant masses and the progressive dragon media, they would realize that Dr. Carson did what any decent American presidential candidate would do.  All he did was gauge the issue according to constitutional directives, not politically correct dogma.  At least Carson has so far placed U.S. interests above that of incompatible Muslims.

Concerning another matter, I find it very interesting how so many political office holders, media pundit personalities and others seeking political office all agree that it is impossible to deport millions of illegal immigrants who are wreaking havoc throughout our republic.  The truth is, they can but the politicians don’t have the stones to do it.

Believe it or not, president Dwight D. Eisenhower utilizing Operation Wetback deported 13 million illegal immigrant Mexicans over two years during his administration.  Also at the onset of the great depression, President Herbert Hoover deported over two million illegal immigrants.  Both presidents put American interests first and did what had to be done, without the higher technology available today, which could greatly aid in the justifiable need to deport millions of disrespectful illegal immigrants.  Maybe there should be a put America first test for those seeking to assume the presidency.

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