The Left’s Planned Parenthood Dilemma

In yet another political surrender, Republican leadership is signaling that they aren’t willing to stand up against the butchery of unborn children for profit and follow through with efforts to defund Planned Parenthood.

I have followed politics for a long time, but I have never seen an abdication of morals, ethics, leadership and strategy as misguided as the decision to duck the fight against Planned Parenthood’s butchery. This is such a crystal clear case of right and wrong that even the power-obsessed, DC insider class should be able to choose wisely. But sadly, many haven’t.

The decision to duck the Planned Parenthood fight is not only a tragic moral failure but a failure of strategy as well. If President Obama chooses to shut down the government because he insists on using your money to fund infant organ harvesting and trafficking at Planned Parenthood, then the media coverage will not be a strategic bonus. The media will not be his ally in that selfish fight because the Left desperately wants to avoid having any conversation about abortion that exposes what the abortion procedure actually entails.

Even the biased, left-wing media cannot avoid some extremely uncomfortable language if they are forced to talk about what President Obama is defending in order to shut down the government. Using terms like “alleged” in front of “organ harvesting” or “organ trafficking” will not lend the moral “cover” the media typically provides for Democrats during a government shutdown, because the public isn’t stupid. When tens of thousands of people who have never heard of the Planned Parenthood organ trafficking horror (because the media has refused to cover it), start Googling the story, this will be a messaging disaster for Democrats. This is an unusual position for the Democratic Party to be in because, during any government shutdown, the mainstream media will do its best to cover for their political allies in the Democratic Party, and lay blame with the GOP.

Have doubts about this? Don’t believe me? Here’s some historical evidence to back up my claims.

Back in 1990, in the deep blue state of Maryland, the topic of abortion came up during a legislative session in the form of a bill that would have dramatically expanded abortion in the state. In a bold move, pro-life Democrats and Republicans in the Maryland Senate decided to fight back and began an epic filibuster that lasted eight days. Our current class of “surrender first” politicians would have been horrified by this act of political bravery and would surely have declared it “political suicide” in the overwhelmingly Democratic state of Maryland.

But, what these political cowards do not understand is that the horrors of abortion are not easily disguised when it becomes a daily media topic in the event of a shutdown. Many people are pro-abortion because they have had the horrors of abortion hidden from them by a compliant media, or because they hide themselves behind the faux messaging patina: “It’s just a clump of cells.” Watching a fully-formed child squirming on a table as an abortion industry employee discusses how he or she harvested the aborted child’s brain by cutting through its face makes it difficult for even the morally corrupt to parrot the “clump of cells” lie.

The Maryland filibuster destroyed the careers of a number of pro-abortion Democrats in Maryland, and the extended debate forced by pro-life Maryland Senators put pro-abortion legislators in an uncomfortable spot, where they had to repeatedly defend the real life horror of abortion. Declarations such as “Eight blurry days and nights of hell” and “It was ugly” were used by Democrats to describe the filibuster. This was such as disaster for the Maryland Democratic Party that the abortion filibuster by the pro-life portion of the Maryland Senate was a factor in the Democratic Senate leadership’s later decision to change the filibuster rules to make it easier for the Democrats to squash debate.

How is it that, in a state where Democrats outnumber Republicans 2 to 1, and in a statewide media environment dominated by liberal influence and with no significant conservative alternative, brave, pro-life legislators gathered the guts to fight back, and take ground from the pro-abortion Left in the process? All the while, the current crop of gutless, ineffective D.C. insiders have already ceded the battle…


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EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared in the Conservative Review. The featured image is by Jim Mone | AP Photo.

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