Obama Administration Admitted over 1,500 Muslims with Terrorists Connections Last Year

806 of them were refugees….

Update:  I see that Leo Hohmann at WND has a bit more on this story, here.

Here is the news at the Daily Caller (hat tip: Skip at The Flying Camel Dog):

The Obama administration granted asylum to more than 1,500 foreigners with ties to terrorist organizations last year because they were deemed to have provided support to the groups “while under duress.

Judicial Watch

The figures are contained in an annual report that U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) sent to Congress this month. The conservative watchdog groupJudicial Watch obtained the report and published it online Tuesday.

During fiscal year 2014, USCIS applied exemptions to 1,519 foreigners with ties to terrorist organizations who applied for discretionary relief. Of that total, 806 of the foreigners granted discretionary relief were for refugee applicantswhile another 614 were applicants for lawful permanent resident status.

Of the 1,519 with terrorist associations, 627 provided material support, “while under duress,” to undesignated terrorist groups. Another 189 provided material support, “while under duress,” to designated terrorist groups.

Read it all, here.  LOL!  What are the odds a few of them lied in their interviews?  And, this is such B.S. about fingerprints.  Yes, sure there are fingerprints on all the foreign fighters going in and out of the Middle East these days!

All of us should be enormously grateful for the work Judicial Watch does for us every day.  If you have a few extra bucks to spare, send it to them!


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