Act Now or Be Enslaved

Hello my fellow Americans, we are now at a very important crossroads concerning the direction our republic will either proceed or crumble upon.  Right now because of recent developments, a majority of sovereign citizens throughout the United States are completely void of happiness or joy.  In fact it states in the holy-scriptures that when the wicked reign, the people mourn.  There is absolutely great mourning concerning the needless deaths of younger black people being slaughtered by other black Americans in predominantly black neighborhoods in American cities.

Despite the ongoing deceptive news reports of low unemployment in our nation, record numbers of Americans are simply existing without even participating in the workforce.  One of the main reasons is because millions of jobs are no longer available for Americans to return to.  The wicked application of oppressively high corporate taxes along with draconian Environmental Protection Agency measures have benefited competitor nations like Canada and China. They have either received corporate headquarters that have left the United States, or they have assumed economic advantages over America due to insane trade agreements that put our republic at a disadvantage.

Thanks but no thanks, to Obama’s socialist economic policies and a compliant congress that rarely challenged them, the refusal to allow the Keystone Pipeline, stopping new oil exploration and harvesting in Alaska, the selling of millions of acres of American farmland to foreign nations, particularly China could soon prove detrimental to U.S. food supplies and economic prowess.  Soon, more and more food gown in our nation will be shipped out to China and elsewhere, depleting food supplies.  If there is ever a nation-wide combination of droughts and mega storms, there may not be enough food to last during such long term setbacks.

Right now America continues to be invaded by legions of illegal immigrants and Islamic terrorists, all with the permission of the Obama administration and the United Nations.

After the recent shooting in Oregon, president Obama said he chose to politicize the gun control issue.  For him it was more important to try and drum up support for taking guns from law-abiding citizens than reaching out and showing gratitude toward Chris Mintz who bravely stood in the way of a cowardly shooter who elected to go after unarmed Christians who were hampered by stupid regulatory barriers to self-protection.

In other worldly developments, Russia has unveiled a new almost invincible army tank on the heels of usurping America’s onetime massive presence in the Middle East.  In the meantime, President Barack Hussein Obama continues to weaken the United States military by destroying morale, getting rid of important weapons system and booting out the most worthy Generals and other pro American military leaders.  To make matters worse Obama has turned the once mighty United States military into the world’s largest military social experiment for unnatural sexual practitioners, muslims, trannies atheists, witches and warlocks. Of course, Christian principles and Christianity itself has been ushered out of the armed forces.

It was embarrassing to witness the shameful display of the U.S. delegation at the United Nations during the riveting speech by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. They acted as if he was the scourge of the earth and joined the rest of the world in treating our greatest ally as if Israelis were the ones who said death to America.  I couldn’t help but think of Biblical prophecy that foretold of a time when all the nations of the world would turn against the nation that is the apple of God’s eye.

Equally crazy has been the five decades of bigoted progressive indoctrination in government schools against the United States, Liberty, God, free market economics and everything good.  For the most part, America’s black community remains chained on the spiritual and mental plantation that inspires self-fulfilling prophesies of gloom, doom and just a life of hard knocks very few learn from.  The evidence is the family breakdown, the massive murder rates of their own kind through abortion and the blowing away of scores of young black men by other blacks every single week.  Perhaps the most horrific development is the multi-generational cursing of blacks over their young and each other which has produced a segment of society that continues to fulfil those negative proclamations.

That form of self-induced slavery now voluntarily accepted and practiced by many black Americans pleases their elitist progressive big government masters beyond measure.  Unfortunately, an increasing number of young white Americans are beginning to accept and take on the Engels inspired philosophy that destroys a higher quality of life while diminishing personal liberty and societal stability.

But alas, the before mentioned developments do not have to be, nor should they be the final judgement upon our currently troubled republic turned mob ruled democracy.   It is high time for those of us who have chosen not to accept the mission of destruction and enslavement being waged against our republic to stand and fight against that madness.  “We the People” must force the reestablishment of government adherence to the U.S. Constitution and the recognition of our unalienable rights which come from God, not government.  By the way, it was God and those inspired by him who laid the framework for this great nation under God with liberty and justice for all.

Let us never forget, what is taught to one generation decides the direction the nation takes in the next.  What direction do you want, liberty or slavery?  The choice is up to you, so exercise it.

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