Trump doubles down on Muslim refugee ‘Trojan Horse’ comment

Here we have the New York Post reporting on 2016 presidential candidate Donald Trump (on the Sunday shows) reemphasizing his contention that the Syrian refugee stream to Europe and America could bring ISIS terrorists in with it.

donald serious

Donald Trump: “What she [Merkel] has done to Germany is insane.”

Trump also said he carries a gun from time to time.

Just a reminder, the Syrian stream to America is well underway, 97% are Syrian Muslims.

From the New York Post:

WASHINGTON — It’s “insane” that Chancellor Angela Merkel is allowing so many male Syrian refugees into Germany, Donald Trump said Sunday.

“I’ve been watching this migration. And I see the people. I mean, they’re men, they’re mostly men, and they’re strong men,” Trump said on “Face the Nation.” “What I won’t do is take in 200,000 Syrians who could be ISIS.”

“These are physically young, strong men. They look like prime-time soldiers. Now, it’s probably not true. But where are the women?” the GOP frontrunner wondered.

Merkel has welcomed the flood of mostly Syrian and Afghan refugees with compassion saying it’s her “damned duty” to help those running for their lives. An estimated 800,000 newcomers will arrive in Germany by the year’s end.

“What she’s done in Germany is insane. It’s insane. They’re having all sorts of attacks.”

The Gulf States “who have nothing but money” and others should find a big swath of land in Syria and create a safe zone to harbor families, Trump suggested. The US could help economically, but should limit taking in Syrian refugees because they could be terrorists.

See all of our posts on the ‘Invasion of Europe’ by clicking here.  And, see what Merkel is doing to Germany, here (“unparalleled historical mistake”).


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  1. M
    M says:

    Thank God that Trump is speaking out against bringing in more Islamic jihadists, who are masquerading as refugees.

    The Arab Gulf States are not only filthy rich, but share common religion, culture and language with the refugees. Instead of taking them in, Saudi Arab would rather further their Islamic caliphate by offering to build 200 moques in Germany.

    What Angela Merkel is doing to her own people is appalling and she should be held criminally responsible. The number of women and children that are being raped by these inbred savages have more than tripled. Medical personnel are terrified to even treat any of these people for fear of being killed by them:

    In a recent article by Robert Spencer (Jihad Watch), GOP Senator Jeff Sessions had received testimony from Mr Emrich (head of the DHS fraud detection) and FBI witnesses who all confessed that none of these refugees can be properly vetted from either side, Syria or America, because Syria does not have a criminal database to screen applicants:

    Also, many of the slaughtered Christians and non muslims had their identification stolen and sold to those migrating to Europe and America.

    All patriots and freedom lovers, contact your local mayor and contact Catholic Charities (even if you’re not religious or a different religion) to say no to Syrian refugees.

    The US Council of Catholic Bishops has been profiting big time from the federal government (almost $80 million last year) from tax payer funding for refugee resettlement. They have been urging their members to write letters to the White House asking the President to allow a 100,000 more in by next year:


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