Focusing The Presidential Debates: Questions And Suggestions For The Candidates

WASHINGTON, D.C. /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Once again this Great Nation has embarked on a journey to elect a new President.  The candidates have come forward and the debates are now underway in both Parties.  It is in the interest of all Americans that the candidates, and the debates, seriously address the grave national challenges, and opportunities, now before the Nation.  To assist that discussion, which must be a national discussion, a dozen concerned American citizens have come together to raise questions and offer suggestions for the candidates; Democrat and Republican alike.  They are doing so without compensation and without party, candidate, or institutional sponsorship.

Each expert has prepared a short paper in their area of expertise addressing a major national challenge or opportunity.  Many of the challenges, including national defense, foreign policy and immigration reform, are already central to the debates.  But some of the opportunities will be new to the debates, such as those on “Targeting Disease,” “Education against Crime,” “Social Security Optionality: Reducing the Wealth Gap,” “Relational Policing,” and “Right-Sizing Government.”

Each paper reflects the views of the presenter.  There has been no effort to coordinate views; nor is any presenter responsible for the views expressed by other presenters.  Some of the papers may appeal more to Democratic candidates, and some may appeal more to Republican candidates.  The subjects, however, have been chosen for their national importance and the presenters for their recognized expertise, regardless of political affiliation.

Press conferences with the presenters are being held at the National Press Club (NPC) in Washington D.C.from noon to three p.m. on Friday, October 16, Thursday, October 22nd, and Friday, October 23d.  After each paper is presented, there will be an opportunity for the press, and representatives of the candidates, to ask questions.  Friday October 16 will feature papers on “An Overview of Issues Facing the New President,” “Immigration Reform,” “Targeting Disease,” “Social Security Optionality: Reducing the Wealth Gap,” and “Tax Policy.”  Thursday October 22 will address:  “Defense & Security Policy,” “Foreign Policy,” and “Promoting Democracy & the Rule of Law.”  Friday October 23d will address: “Reducing Prison Populations,” “Relational Policing,” “Education against Crime,” and “Right-Sizing Government.”  An especially important paper on “Growing the Economy,” an issue central to virtually every other national challenge and opportunity, will be placed on the website but will not be addressed at the scheduled press conferences in Washington because of time constraints of the author.

A list of the distinguished participants, as well as the schedule of their participation in the National Press Club briefings and a copy of their papers being distributed to all the Presidential Candidates, is posted at the initiative web site

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