Canada Election: Justin Trudeau — wholly owned and operated subsidiary of Islamic supremacists

That’s it for freedom, worldwide. Justin Trudeau is a wholly owned and operated subsidiary of Islamic supremacists. Harper’s Canada was the last outpost, the last place where government was reasonably sane regarding the jihad threat.

Now it is up to individuals to stand, no matter how much it costs them, against the forces of oppression and authoritarianism that will become increasingly aggressive, and soon. Many who were thought to be true have already been proven false, and this will continue: these are and will increasingly be the times that try men’s souls.

The cowardice of many will be exposed, and it will surprise those who thought they were standing tall. But the human spirit, the spirit of freedom, will never be wholly extinguished — despite the best efforts of the forces of authoritarianism and oppression.

“Canada election: networks call victory for Liberals and Trudeau – live,” Guardian, October 19, 2015:

The official projections continue to show Liberals in the lead, although many races in the dense Toronto area are far from being tallied in full. Polls have just closed in British Columbia, meaning the deluge of exit polls and counted ballots will only increase in the next hour.

Liberals: 128 ridings, 55.7% of the vote
Conservatives: 7- ridings, 22%
NDP: 14 ridings, 17.5%
Bloc Quebecois: three ridings, 0.7%

— Jessica Murphy (@Murphy_Jessica_)
October 20, 2015

Some happy Liberals #elxn42

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