Hillary (and the girls) are to blame for Libyan hellhole and Muslim invasion of Europe

As I listened to testimony yesterday at the Benghazi hearing I was reminded of the many posts I’ve written over the years about how Hillary was directly involved in the destruction of the Libyan state that ultimately led to the use of that country as an important launch pad for the Mediterranean invasion of Europe by tens of thousands of Africans and Middle Easterners.

Hillary admitted yesterday that in 2011 Obama was reluctant to follow Europe’s lead and get involved in Libya, but that she marshaled the forces (including Susan Rice and Samantha Power) to persuade Obama to help overthrow Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi. Ultimately, she said yesterday, it was the President’s decision thereby tossing blame back on Obama when the results of her actions have proven so disastrous. Ambassador Stevens and the others who died might not have been there if it weren’t for those “loose weapons.”

Here is one of our many posts on Hillary:  This one is from December 2014, but we had predicted in 2011 that Hillary’s (and yes, she admitted it yesterday that she was the leading Administration force for the overthrow of Qaddafi) misadventure in Libya was leading to a refugee crisis of massive proportion.

Hillary and the girls (dubbed the “humanitarian Vulcans” by some in the White House) said it was our “responsibility to protect” the Libyan people that underpinned our imperative to join the Europeans in overthrowing (and killing) Qaddafi.  This is what I said in December of 2011.  So much for the poor Libyan people now!

Watch for it!   The ‘responsibility to protect’ means we go to war and create a whole new bunch of refugees that need to be resettled in the West!

April 2011:  read what we said about the three witches, here.  Go here for all of our posts mentioning Hillary and Libya.


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  1. janine campos
    janine campos says:

    Gop all the way. Good against evil…people cca ont even kniw those dems in congress. The black caucus half of them are part of the communist party. Obama ite cheat and liar is too hes a socialist creep playing golf and going on vacations for7 years on our dime..what a loser he does not care about the U.S.A. he needs to be impeached in is part of the coverup. It came from the top OBAMA MADE UP THE LIE ABOUT THE VIDEO HILLERY AND LL THE CORRUPT CRONNIES HES GOT INTHE ADMINISTRATION IIS SO CORRUPT NOW WE NEED TO GET IN THTE AND GET RID OF EVERY ONE OF TGEM VET THEM AND CLEAN OUT THAT HUGE SESSPOLE NASTY CORRUPT SWAMP IN D.C.. WETE NOT STUPID IVE HAD TO PUT UP WITH THIS CRAP FOR 7 YEARS WE THE GOP ARE SICK AND TIRED OF THE DO NOTHING HE VETOS EVERYTHING EXCEPT THE BiGGEST LIE CLIMAT CHANGE hes the biggst lair and cheat ive ever seen in my life….. A real commie asshole..get him out of our whitehouse now…we cant stand another day of his crap


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