Hey Muslims — What Sense Does Committing Suicide Trying to Kill a Jew make?

Pictured in this video is Hammam Said a 23 year old dead Muslim. He attempted to stab an Israeli soldier at a checkpoint in Tel Rumeida and was shot dead by Israeli forces.

That’s it, his young life is over.

On Monday October 26th, 2015 Hammam had many years of life before him, a life where he could have fallen in love, married, raised children and become a very productive member of the human race. Instead, through the agitation of his friends, family and “Palestinian ” leaders young Hammam decided to throw his life away and try to kill at least one Jew.

He failed, he is dead.

Moreover, there is at least a 50% chance that there are not 72 virgins waiting for Hammam and that the whole Islamic martyr thing is one gigantic lie, designed to make sorry souls like Hammam do stupid stuff and completely waste their lives. Besides, what God in his right mind wants His children to run up to people and stab them in the neck?

So Muslims, as you get all “Allahu Akbared” in celebrating Hammam’s completely foolish and wasteful death ask yourself a couple of questions.

Do you think your life and future is fully realized by trying to kills Jews or maybe even succeeding in killing one or two Jews?

Do you really (and I mean REALLY) believe if you try to kill that Jew then God will reward you with all these girls in heaven who are waiting to have sex with you?

Look Muslim, you actually have many choices in life and really can do something positive and productive with your life or you can go the way of Hammam Said.

I have an idea, maybe you should get Hammam’s insight as to why he took his path.

Oh wait, Hammam is dead.

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