Trump Had His Best Debate Performance Ever

Erick Erickson, a noted political analyst and radio show host, in his article “Donald Trump Had His Best Debate Performance Ever” had this to say about the GOP debate in Bolder, Colorado:

Don’t look now, but Donald Trump had his best debate performance in Boulder and I say that as a frequent critic.

He had a great encounter, deservedly so, with the pretentious jerk from Ohio and put Kasich in his place. Then he turned several really just jackass level questions around on the moderators without being overly antagonistic to either them or the other candidates on stage.

In the end, he got a very memorable line by taking credit for shrinking the debate to two hours and calling John Harwood a liar for suggesting the debate was always going to be two hours. Trump was in the right and defended himself, but do so humorously.

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Trump continues to lead in the national polls for the GOP nomination. The top two candidates are Trump and Dr. Ben Carson, two men who are not career politicians. That is their greatest strength. The American voter is tired of career politicians, like President Obama, who say one thing to garner votes and do something completely different once elected.

This criticism also applies to Republicans in Congress and those running for the GOP nomination.

Question: Will Donald Trump win the GOP nomination for President?

Answer: It is looking that way more and more every day.


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