Jeb Bush Campaign: Out of Touch, Disconnected and on the Ropes

The beginning of the end may be occurring with the Jeb Bush Presidential campaign. While a major reshuffle and downsizing has already taken place within the campaign, and while donations and general support have greatly rescinded, the looming Iowa caucus may be but another sign of disintegration of the Bush campaign. Consider the following internal campaign findings now being leaked publicly:

  1. The recent televised debate held in Boulder, Colorado was a loss for candidate Jeb Bush. Appearing bewildered and un-energized, candidate Jeb Bush presented weak, uncollected with his thoughts, and lashing out just to be heard and appear significant. His very poor presence at the debate was topped only by a lecture the next day at a campaign appearance wherein Bush gave a strong impression that there were other things he could be doing rather than seeking the presidency.
  2. Big named establishment donors are annoyed with the lack of sophistication, aggressive campaign team, and ability to steer the appearing rudderless campaign.
  3. The Jeb Bush campaign has barely made an appearance in Iowa, and has not worked diligently phone banks, direct mail, personal voter contacting, public appearances, and TV or radio Ads.
  4. The Bush campaign did, however, recently conduct an extensive candidate preference survey with astonishing results: Out of 70,000 phone calls, only 1,281 supporters were identified. This converts to approximately 1.8% of campaign phone canvassing support.
  5. An internal memo of the Bush campaign reveals this support was uncovered by phone survey only, and the candidate himself has not spent time in Iowa nor sought voters, nor has received any significant endorsements.

These findings are a clear message within the campaign’s highest level that barring a miracle of some massive and significant manifestation, Jeb Bush will lose Iowa and receive a terribly serious, even devastating blow against campaign survival. The Jeb Bush “brain trust” is comprised of many GOP establishment insiders and professional GOP political consultants and operatives. The environment within said group is reportedly anguish, tense, disbelieving and absolute confusion as to how two “outsiders” can be leading the nomination process when neither has any political experience. Furthermore, the same GOP political wonks are flabbergasted that there is even growing appeal for Senator Ted Cruz who is also seen as an “outsider,” and not accepted by the GOP establishment; much like Trump and Carson.

There is a complete disconnect between the GOP establishment like (Romney, McCain, McConnell, Boehner, Karl Rove) GOP establishment backed candidates like Lindsey Graham, John Kasich, Chris Christie, and even Carly Fiorina, and the general public across the Land. While the GOP establishment subtly positioned their chosen candidates, the complete not understanding the mood, the anger and the fear of the grass-roots further demonstrates just how out-of-touch and disregarding establishment politicians and operatives truly are toward the people.

The Jeb Bush campaign is a perfect example of this disconnect.

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  1. Lyle J. Rapacki
    Lyle J. Rapacki says:

    Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts regarding my article on the Jeb Bush Campaign. As an interesting side note: the former Governor’s Mom, Barbara Bush, never wanted her son, Jeb, to run and talked candidly about this to him and others. But there were former advisors of his brother and dad who missed the limelight, the position, the power, and they pushed for Jeb to enter the campaign. Mrs. Barbara Bush told Jeb plainly that two Bushes in the White House were enough, and the American People would not be so welcoming for a third Bush in the White House. Trump was correct when he labeled Jeb Bush “low energy.” Jeb was non-verbally telegraphing, I believe, his lack of true desire to run, and his conflict in running. Jeb was heavily supported by the Washington establiishment and GOP Elite who fear Trump and despise his outside status versus their connected inside positions. But all of them, Bush, the professional political consultants, the Washington and GOP Elites, all have phenomenally misunderstood the depth, strength and nationally pervasive anger among WE THE PEOPLE who feel as outsiders and not connected to those who we choose to represent us.


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