Honoring the Last American to Walk on the Moon

ross with captain cernan

The author with Captain Eugene Cernan U.S. Navy (Retired) on the right.

I had the distinct pleasure of eating dinner with Captain Eugene Cernan U.S. Navy (Retired), his wife and some of his closest friends (including a former intelligence officer) that gave Captain Cernan his targets during his time as a fighter pilot, also a friend of mine.

I then had the honor of escorting him and his wife into the screening room of his movie “The Last Man on the Moon” his producer Gareth told me the movie should be released to the public in January or February.

the last man on the moon posterAlmost everyone remembers the first man to walk on the moon but tonight I was invited to a screening of a movie that gives credit to the last man to walk on the moon, Captain Eugene Cernan U.S. Navy. Commander of Apollo 17.

It was a refreshing break to be with people that make the United States of America the greatest country in the world and to be around some NASA astronauts and test pilots, my hero’s of the 20th century.

Captain Cernan told me about some of his adventures as a kid and some of his screw ups in life but he wanted me to share with all of you that you can be what ever you want to be if you are willing to try. If you are doing your best that is all that matters he said even if you make mistakes.

In order for Neil Armstrong to walk on the moon Captain Cernan was the man that made the test run in Apollo 10 to see if it could be done. He told me nobody remembers Apollo 10 but without this mission nobody would walk on the moon. Captain Cernan flew to the moon in Apollo 10 and did all the things necessary to land on the moon except set the LAM down. He was the test pilot to make things nice and easy for Neil to complete his mission objective.

He told me to tell all if you ………never give up and never surrender no matter how tough things get. He and his wife sends their respects to you all.

He said he left his daughters initials on the moon. That my friends is a real man. I salute you Captain Cernan.

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