Why Dr. Ben Carson’s Fame Is Like Christ’s Triumphal Entry for the Adventist Church

Christ’s triumphal entry to Jerusalem had been foretold 500 years earlier, riding on a colt, Zechariah 9:9. God’s purpose was to call attention to the prophecies concerning the Savior before Friday’s crucifixion.

Adventism may be due for a similar bipolar swing from popular now to ridicule or scorn soon. With most major news sources doing an article on Dr. Carson’s faith, the Seventh-day Adventist Church is no longer considered a cult, but they sadly edited some beliefs to escape inclusion in Walter Martin’s “Kingdom of Cults” 50 years ago, a book that included Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons, Islam, New Age, etc.

The purpose of this is not to look at the Trinity now accepted, but it’s a word that Ellen White never used. We look instead at the eschatology she may have hinted for us in the next chapter of her book on Christ’s life, a chapter titled “A Doomed People.” It was about the Jewish nation then, like the fig tree flaunting its pretentious leaves but lacking fruit. Christ cursed the tree as a lesson against empty or shallow religion.

“So it is now” wrote Ellen White from Australia where brethren sent her to get rid of her agitation for a new truth of righteousness by faith for the church. She returned to appeal for a reorganization of the General Conference in 1901. They voted her request, but never carried it out and in 1903, voted a more hierarchical structure that GC President Wilson said in court was like the Roman Catholic Church. M. Silver v PPPA.

Ellen White’s response was, “How is the faithful city become an harlot? My Father’s house is made a house of merchandise; a place whence the divine presence and glory have departed.” Testimonies for the Church, Vol 8, pg 250. Two years later she wrote, “the great apostasy which is developing…will continue to do so until the Lord shall descend from heaven with a shout.” Special Testimonies, Series B, #7, 1905.

Special Testimonies, Series B was burned in the basement of the GC. BT Anderson, custodian was told they had extra copies they didn’t need, to stoke up the furnace. They burned her books he related after retiring.

Her statement in 1905 was confirmed by Dr. Mervyn Hardinge in 1985 as he retired as Medical Director of the General Conference. SDA hospitals perhaps best show our apostasy if one understands what happened.

Ellen White saw Loma Linda in vision as property to be purchased and at one point, when the brethren had no money, her check for $35,000 mailed from Australia months earlier arrived on the due date! She said that thousands were to be trained, not as professional doctors and nurses but as gospel medical missionaries going home to home praying for the sick, giving treatments, singing gospel songs, claiming Bible promises.

She said drugs do not cure disease and pharmacology was not to be taught. Leaders seeking accreditation were told “no” twice and on a third trip to see her, she refused to see them. They reported to the committee that “she didn’t say no,” and Loma Linda was hijacked to become accredited to teach a false science with medical care now a leading cause of death due to Adverse Drug Reactions. Journal of AMA, 4-15-1998.

Loma Linda enjoys a central sculpture of the Good Samaritan that mocks its greed in medicine and surgery.

National Geographic (Nov, 2005) featured Loma Linda in their cover story on longevity, but the secret has nothing to do with medical care—it’s what Ellen White wrote about food that has made Adventists healthy, a message we’ve conveyed so poorly that NIH spent millions to discover why we live about 7 extra years.*

Adventists could have had their own brand of naturopathy. Seeking worldly accreditation, we joined them, as we’ve done in every area of education, and now we must teach Jesuit Spiritual Formation to ministers to keep our accreditation. Yes, Adventism is glowing with Carson’s triumphal entry, but the next chapter, “A Doomed People” is impending. “The lesson is for all times…So it is now.” Desire of Ages, p 584-588.

*To survive the next 7 years, Adventists will need to understand Ellen White’s last message, lost when her publishers changed her chosen title to “Prophets & Kings,” masking also her last definition of the church as a “covenant-keeping people.” The covenant is how we marry the Bridegroom when He comes. For a better understanding of why this is crucial to our destiny now, see The Bridegroom Comes.

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