Bernie Sanders: Climate change is directly related to the growth of Muslim terrorism

“I would argue that the disastrous invasion of Iraq, something that I strongly opposed, has unraveled the region completely and led to the rise of Al Qaeda and to ISIS.” That is true. However, it contradicts Sanders’ other claim, that climate change, that is, “limited amounts of water, limited amounts of land to grow their crops,” led to the rise of terrorism. If it were really all about fights over diminished resources, then these jihad groups would have arisen even without the U.S. taking out Saddam Hussein, no? In any case, if climate change has given rise to terrorism, why don’t we see Arab Christian or Yazidi terrorists? After all, they lived in Iraq and Syria alongside the Muslims. So why weren’t they driven by the lack of water and land to form their own terrorist groups?

It is astonishing that a man this deluded could be taken seriously as a candidate for President. But his view here is a mainstream Democrat Party position.

“Bernie Sanders: Climate Change is Directly Related To Terrorism,” by Michelle Fields, Breitbart, November 15, 2015:

Democratic Presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) said on Saturday that climate change is directly related to terrorism.“In fact, climate change is directly related to the growth of terrorism,” said Sanders.

“And if we do not get our act together and listen to what the scientists say, you’re going to see counties [sic] all over the world…they’re going to be struggling over limited amounts of water, limited amounts of land to grow their crops, and you’re going to see all kinds of international conflict.”

Sanders said at the second Democratic debate in Iowa that climate change poses the biggest threat to America’s national security and to security of the world.

Sanders also argued that the growth of national terrorism and instability in the Middle East was caused by the invasion of Iraq.

“I would argue that the disastrous invasion of Iraq, something that I strongly opposed, has unraveled the region completely and led to the rise of Al Qaeda and to ISIS,” Sanders said.

When Sanders was asked his thoughts about Hillary Clinton’s vote for the Iraq war he added: ” I don’t think any sensible person would disagree that the invasion of Iraq led to the massive level of instability we are seeing right now.”

“I think that was one of the worst foreign policy blunders in the more than history of the United States,” hr [sic] claimed.


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  1. Bill
    Bill says:

    Climate change advocates should tell Bernie Sanders to shut up and concentrate on not giving Hillary a pass. You’d think he running for Vice-President instead of the presidency. He makes a perfect example of climate change lunacy.

  2. Jim Horn
    Jim Horn says:

    Climate change is a natural occurrence that can be affected by human behavior. The typical Moslem male can produce as many as ten offspring and that creates a population problem with people needing food, fuel with which to cook it etc. If the grand Pubah limited Moslem men to a one-child policy, this huge negative impact on the climate would be greatly reduced.

    The USA is far from the polluter that these lying dweebs on the left claim:

    Walk down an Asian street when there is a weather inversion, and you can hardly breathe and can’t see more that 200 feet because of pollution – brown colored air.

    Go into any village in Africa and in much of Asia when it’s cool, and the noxious fumes from the millions of tons of home made charcoal fill the air.

    Travel through south Asia (Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, etc.) to observe kids following wandering cows to catch or scoop up the patties which are slapped onto a wall to dry and are then used as cooking fuel creating intense, fowl smelling smog.

    The billions of people in these countries create far, far, far more pollution than any American can imagine, include Bernie the Weenie.

    • Dr. Rich Swier
      Dr. Rich Swier says:

      I have learned three absolutes about the climate:

      1. The climate changes.
      2. These changes occur in natural cycles.
      3. There is nothing mankind can do to alter these natural climate cycles.

      The only thing mankind can do is to prepare for the changes in the climate, e.g. adapt to the environment.

      Reducing the earths population is not a solution unless you are looking for another ‘final solution’.


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