France bombs the Islamic State — so what did that accomplish?

The French, in response to the 132 plus slaughtered French and foreign nationals killed by Muslims in Paris on Friday loaded up very expensive bombs under their beautifully washed and waxed fighter jets for retaliation today. Time for a feel good raid with no planning or mission objective. Just drop some bombs.

The French in their infinite wisdom have been bombing Islamic State positions in Iraq and Syria for months as part of a U.S.-led operation. Why? Which side do we pick in a civil war? The side of the moderate or the side of the extreme Muslim?

I say we let them kill each other and offer sanctuary to the Christians. We can watch the great battle from Google earth.

Unlike westerners, Muslims embrace death and are honored to die as a martyr. So these attacks on Muslims solve nothing. They blow themselves up and they don’t care if a French bomb kills them. For every Muslim killed two dozen more are ready to fill in the hole. When you stomp on an ant pile the ants remove their dead and build another mound.

Using $150,000 bombs to blow up $50 tents is not the long term strategic answer to solving this problem in Syria or the Middle East. Besides, the U.S. Constitution does not permit a U.S. led operation in Syria….zero authority.

Obama is using the Patriot Act to put boots on the ground in Syria. The Secretary of the Air Force let it slip that a ground invasion is the only solution. A total by-pass of our irrelevant and impotent Congress. Why are we still paying these people a salary anyway? They do nothing.

Following Friday’s mass slaughter by Muslims using weapons banned in some U.S. cities, the disarmed French citizens, unable to defend themselves, where totally helpless and totally dependent on the French government for protection and were thus massacred. The blood still wet on the streets. You can’t shoot back with iPhones and BIC lighters.

Not to be left with their pants down around their ankles the liberal, weak spineless French- Paris powder puff leadership vowed to destroy the Islamic State. The question is what group is the Islamic State?

Underlining its resolve, French jets on Sunday launched their biggest raids in Syria to date, hitting its stronghold in Raqqa. How sweet is that? Muslims don’t have factories to produce weapons so what was bombed?

“The raid … including 10 fighter jets, was launched simultaneously from the United Arab Emirates and Jordan. Twenty bombs were dropped,” the Defense Ministry said. Among the targets were a munitions depot and training camp, it said. Yippe, 20 bombs at a cost to the French tax payer of how much money 3 million plus Euros not including the fuel and pilots hazardous duty pay ?

Who was killed ? What was achieved ? Nothing.

Why are the Saudi’s and the UAE not sending in fighter jets to fight this Muslim problem? The Syrian civil war is not a French problem….these Muslims are not our problem. This is a Muslim problem. We must focus inward. The problems we face in this nation are roosting in the White House coordinating the downfall and destruction of capitalism and freedom from within our own borders.

We have no business in Syria or the Middle East fighting anyone. Syria is a sovereign nation and Assad is a capitalist and secular leader who has reformed his country. His efforts over the years have changed things especially in the regulatory environment and in the financial sectors, including the introduction of private banks and the opening of the Damascus Securities Exchange in March 2009. He wants his people to prosper.

He wants to do business with the United States.

When I was in the U.S. Navy we ensured all sea lanes where kept open in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. I served in this neck of the woods. Syria is the only significant crude oil producing country in the Eastern Mediterranean region. We should be doing business with Syria not bombing it. Obama is more interested in insuring chaos in the region continues and the French follow along.

Syria has its civil war and they will solve it. When we stick our nose into the camels tent we will receive Muslim reprisals. We should be securing our own borders not Syria’s.

The Russians are more than capable of offering aid to its Syrian ally. If we wish to defeat the Islamic State we must start by cutting off all trade with Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is an oil-based economy with oppressive government controls over major economic activities and its people. They behead and stone people to death in public. Not a nice country.

Saudi Arabia controls about 16% of the world’s proven petroleum reserves, ranks as the largest exporter of petroleum, and plays a leading role in OPEC. OPEC controls the price of a gallon of gas in downtown Meridian Mississippi, think about that. Iran gets it refined petroleum from whom? Saudi Arabia.

The petroleum sector in Saudi Arabia accounts for 80% of budget revenues, 45% of GDP, and 90% of export earnings. So lets CUT OFF the trade and starve them of capital. Saudi Arabia has the 19th largest economy in the world by nominal gross domestic product (GDP) at $745.273 billion and 11th by purchasing power parity (PPP) at $906.8 billion.

Saudi Arabia publicly does not support ISIS and the Sheiks consider it a threat to their security but social media fundraising campaigns in this nation are sending hard cash and capital from Saudi Arabia to Syria.

To ensure that their contributions actually reach Syria, Saudi donors are encouraged to send their money first to Kuwait, which has long been considered one of the most easy going laid back friendly terrorism financing environments in the Persian Gulf.

Ladies and gentleman. We liberated Kuwait in 1991 now they repay us by funding ISIS in Syria with donations from Saudi Arabia. Kuwait still owe us billions of dollars from tax payer incurred costs in Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm in 1990 – 1991. Saudi Arabia is the root of the problem. Who flew planes into the World Trade Center ? Saudi’s. Who funded 9/11 ? Saudi Arabia.

Twenty-five years ago we booted Saddam Hussein out of Kuwait when in fact this job should have been left to Saudi Arabia. We did not interfere with the Iraq – Iran 8 year war.

Today, Saudi citizens continue to represent a significant funding source for Sunni groups operating in Syria. Arab Gulf donors as a whole — of which Saudis are believed to be the most charitable — they have funneled hundreds of millions of dollars to Syria in recent years, including to the Islamic State and other groups.

Although Saudi donors and other private contributors were believed to be the most significant funding source for the original forerunner to ISIS, the importance of such donations has been marginalized by the group’s independent sources of income.

Dropping 20 French bombs on a $400 training camp in Syria will not defeat the Islamic State it will only ensure more attacks on weak soft western targets in countries open borders like in Europe and our southern flank bordering Mexico.

The long term strategic, operational and tactical way to defeat the Islamic State is to stop buying oil from Saudi Arabia, reinforce Israel’s military, shut down the flow of oil from Iran out of the Persian Gulf and to secure our borders.

We have enough oil in the United States to sustain our energy needs. We must stop bombing and start thinking. Our nation cannot continue to borrow money from Communist China to buy bombs to drop on Syria and hope to win anything. Our military must be rebuilt with our next President and this will cost money. Stop wasting it.

We must dig deeper and think further ahead. How does the Islamic State operate? How can Muslims travel so freely across Europe? Why do they have an endless supply of cash? Who is funding them? Sort through it without firing a shot. All eyes on Saudi Arabia and Iran.

Do something useful get involved with Act For America (Brigitte Gabrielle) and help set up a chapter in your town to educate and assist in the issues affecting the current issues facing us. Get involved locally.

The only bombs needed to end world terrorism would be a tactical nuke on Mecca during the Haj and on Tehran any time. But that would take a leader. Iran got only one thing right in its history… In 546 BC, Croesus of Lydia was defeated and captured by the Persians (Iranians), who then adopted gold as the main metal for their coins.

Hang in there Patriots I can see November 2016 from my back porch.


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