Florida: Osceola County Republican Executive Commitee endorses Term Limits Convention


Osceola REC Chair Mark Oxner

In an overwhelming voice vote, the Osceola Republican Executive Committee on Nov. 19 passed a resolution urging the Florida legislature to officially call for the Congressional term limits convention.

Their action follows a similar lopsided (79-1) endorsement from the Palm Beach County REC in October.

The resolutions are particularly potent after the Term Limits Convention bill in the Senate, SM630 introduced by Sen. Aaron Bean, has started an early advance through the committee maze that is expected to lead to a floor vote during the 2016 session. SM630 passed the Ethics and Elections Committee 5-4 on Tuesday and is headed to the Senate Rules Committee.

The House bill, Rep. Larry Metz’ HM417, has not been heard yet, but has already picked up five cosponsors: Reps. Frank Artiles, Matthew Caldwell, Debbie Mayfield, Marlene O’Toole, Charles Van Zant and John Wood.

The bills are official applications for a convention of states under Article V of the U.S. Constitution explicitly limited to Congressional term limits. If two-thirds of the states (34) call for such a convention, Article V states that Congress ‘shall’ convene it. There, delegates from all the states will craft a Congressional term limits amendment proposal that would be submitted to the states for ratification. If three-quarters (38) of the states do so, Congressional term limits will be added to the U.S. Constitution.

The Sarasota REC considered a Term Limits Convention resolution Nov. 19 and is likely to take a floor vote at their January meeting. State Rep. Ray Pilon announced his support and likely co-sponsorship during the discussion.

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