VIDEO: Top Clinton Aide lovefest with Muslim Migrants

Best-selling author and award winning video journalist James O’Keefe has just released undercover video of two related events dealing with Syrian refugees. The first of these is at a Hillary Clinton fundraiser for women, where top Clinton aide Huma Abedin states that we cannot turn the Syrian refugees away. While attendees were told not to record Abedin’s statements, our undercover reporter secretly videoed them anyway. The other footage is of Syrian refugees in Greece expressing their support of Hillary Clinton.

Last week, Project Veritas released footage of three Syrian refugees in Greece who were caught on hidden camera talking about using fake passports to get to Europe and the US. They talked about using the same route as one of the terrorists who perpetrated the attack in Paris last week. One also added that that is how a lot of Syrians come to the US and that there are a lot of Syrians in France.

In the second video of this series, Project Veritas Action ties the Syrians in Greece to the Hillary Clinton campaign. Last Wednesday evening, the Clinton campaign held a fundraiser for women in Manhattan.  After the audience was warned not to record or post video of the event, an undercover Project Veritas Action journalist managed to obtain footage of Abedin’s speech as well as her responses to informal questions afterwards.

From the stage, Abedin spoke of a life-long Republican who allegedly stated, “You know what I realized when I started listening to Ben Carson and Donald Trump and Ted Cruz?   You have to prove you are a Christian to be a refugee in this country.”

“We are a country of immigrants,” continued Abedin. “We welcome people and when you listen to the Republicans – and this is my battle cry – it is really scary on the other side.”

After her speech, our undercover journalist asked Abedin to promise that if Clinton is elected, “she is going to do everything she can to let these Syrians in.”

“Absolutely right,” responded Abedin. “…We need to have leadership on this…we cannot turn these people away.”

The video then moves to Greece, where two undercover journalists suggest to the Syrian refugees who are possibly traveling under fake documents that they must hate Hillary Clinton. “No, we don’t hate Hillary Clinton,” one responded. When asked to confirm, they stated that they like Clinton.

“Due to our videos, there are multiple ongoing investigations into the use of illegal foreign campaign donations and the voter registration of illegal immigrants by the Clinton and other Democrat campaigns,” stated Project Veritas Action president James O’Keefe. “Perhaps that’s why Clinton supports Syrian refugees. Or perhaps the reason is far more nefarious.”

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