Impeachment is Litmus Test for New Speaker of the House

There is no debate over the fact that the Barack Hussein Obama regime is by far the most impeachable regime to ever seize and hold the people’s White House. Even most House Republicans have openly acknowledged the fact that> Obama & Co. are guilty of everything presented in the North American Law Center (TNALC) proposed Articles of Impeachment.

In fact, despite Republican propaganda on the subject, the recent sudden resignation of Speaker John Boehner may have in part, been due to growing support in the House for Impeachment. A Boehner promise to keep impeachment “off the table” may no longer be within the reach of anyone in the House.

Last week, I created and posted a flash poll for over a dozen “conservative” or Republican-leaning active Facebook groups asking, “Do you favor a litmus test for the next House Speaker, WILL YOU IMPEACH?” and the response was crystal clear…. 97% answering YES to that question. Conservative Republican voters DO want the next House Speaker to pass a litmus test agreeing to Impeach the Obama regime.

This could also explain the current internal civil war within the Republican Party over who will be the next Speaker… RNC establishment types tried to rush Boehner-lite, Kevin McCarthy into the position. But members of the House Freedom Caucus made it clear that no Boehner-lite candidate would have their support, forcing McCarthy to promptly withdraw from the race.

The RNC quickly moved to insert Republican turncoat Paul Ryan, who is also viewed by conservatives in America as at best, another Boehner-lite establishment Republican with zero conservative or constitutional intestinal fortitude.

To say the least, the Republican Party is at a crossroads in American history. A time at which they must choose to let the Grand Ole Party drift off into the abyss with the Whig Party, as a political machine that has lost its will to fight for our Constitutional Republic, or, to make a stand for the Republican form of self-governance with ‘the people,’ here and now…

But ‘the people’ are making the choice even more stark, by simply saying, no matter what you may or may not have done in the past, if you will not impeach the most impeachable regime in 240 years of American history, if treason, tyranny, treachery and traitorous acts are no longer impeachable offenses, then we no longer need a Speaker of the House, or even a do-nothing Congress for that matter.

Impeachment is the key to the Speakership of the House…

Most Congressional Republicans do not have the courage to lead on anything that actually matters, including impeachment of admittedly the most impeachable regime in U.S. history. Some will not even have the decency or courage to follow when someone else takes the lead.

In fact, many House Republicans would love you to believe that they need not keep their oath because their crystal ball tells them that Senate members will not keep their oaths.

However, unless and until House Republicans do their job by initiating impeachment proceedings in the House Judiciary Committee, Senate members have no job. It is not Senate members or congressional democrats who have blocked the impeachment of Barack Hussein Obama, it is cowardly and complicit House Republicans who have done this under the direction of Speaker John Boehner.

There are reasons why impeachment is the only peaceful constitutional solution today…

Obama controls the courts, the military, the Executive branch and up until today, even Congress. He controls the election system, with SEIU maintaining the electronic election booths, illegal aliens and dead people voting democrat in hundreds of districts. He controls the press, both mainstream and secondary outlets, including once respected Fox News.

The mountain of evidence against Obama and his evil regime is massive and growing by the hour. But there is no place in America to present that evidence other than in a televised impeachment trial, where the American people can watch as all of the evidence is presented.

If Obama is allowed to leave office other than via impeachment, all of the fraud, tyranny, treachery and yes, treason, will stand unchallenged, rendering these crimes against America no longer “impeachable offenses.”

Contrary to the false propaganda circulated about how Obama “can’t be impeached because he isn’t really a president,” and that “impeaching him will validate his presidency,” no bank robber has ever been validated by the prosecution and conviction for his crimes. This is a silly claim that can only be intended to also block impeachment and accountability for Barack Hussein Obama.

Yes, the House must impeach Barack Hussein Obama and the right time to do it is today…

This means that who the next House Speaker is will be critical to the future of this nation, freedom, liberty and the Rule of Constitutional Law.

The next Speaker must be ready to shepherd Impeachment to conviction in the Senate, and then be capable of becoming the interim President of the United States until the 2016 election.

Because Vice President Joseph Biden has been a complicit co-conspirator in all of Obama’s crimes, starting with his fraudulent seizure of White House power in 2008, Joe Biden cannot succeed Barack Obama to the Presidency…. He is a criminal co-conspirator.

Next in line for the Presidency is the House Speaker. John Boehner was also directly complicit and a co-conspirator to Obama’s many crimes. Boehner did the nation a great favor by resigning, opening a window of opportunity for “the people” to force into that position, someone who would impeach, as well as someone capable of holding the Oval Office until the 2016 elections.

This is why 97% of Facebook Conservatives have answered YES, we want impeachment to be a litmus test for the next House Speaker.

Without impeachment, every crime Obama and his henchmen have committed will stand unchallenged. Our Constitution will be gone, our Bill of Rights, gone, the Rule of Law, gone…. Our Constitutional Republic will have gasped its last breath, and “the people” will have allowed it to happen.

The people have NO RIGHT to demand House Republicans do the right thing unless they are willing to

Further, no House member has the moral authority to seek the office of Speaker today, unless they are prepared to shepherd Impeachment through to conviction and then become the next interim President.

If any American can watch these Articles of Impeachment presented by North American Law Center Lead Counsel Stephen Pidgeon and not be on board, they have no right to call themselves American, much less patriots…

In addition, the only way to stop Hillary Clinton and the democrat party in 2016 is to hold her accountable for her role at the State Department, in the crimes against the USA by the Obama regime.

Last, whoever rises to the Oval Office in the next election, will enter a dictatorship created by Barack Obama. Unless Obama is held fully accountable and his crimes are reversed via impeachment, the Constitutional Republic will not exist for whomever wins the next election.

NOW is the time for “the people” to reclaim their country… To reclaim the Speakership of the House… To hold the Obama regime fully accountable for their criminal acts… to begin the process of returning the United States to an honorable nation of self-governed people who respect the Rule of Constitutional Law and will accept no less from their elected servants…

A Constitutional Accountability Coalition has been formed in more than thirty states, supporting the TNALC Articles of Impeachment and working to force House Republicans to initiate impeachment proceedings in the House Judiciary Committee.

Many Americans are doing something that really matters…. If you are not one of them, you are not part of any solution to our Constitutional Crisis known as Barack Obama.


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  1. Charles
    Charles says:

    I like most US Citizens believed the fraud and usurper barack hussein obama could not be impeached because he gained office illegally or was not qualified to hold office under Article ll Section 1 Clause 5 of the US Constitution . I now see the only legal recourse” We The People ” have to remove this fraud and usurper barack huussein obama from office is through the impeachment process .


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