Little Spike Yaps Again

If an automobile is purposefully used to run over pedestrians, do you condemn the wayward motorist or do you rail against auto manufacturers for the existence of cars? I tried to find a subject to ask about that could make as little sense as a recent comment spewed forth by progressive movie director Spike Lee. Little Spike was recently yapping on an episode of CNN Tonight. He was promoting

his new movie which I will refrain from identifying. Why? Because Spike Lee stated in the interview with host Don Lemon “You have to take on the National Rifle Association” thus that is a major component of his film. The little liberal continued yapping “Well, we have to, I think that we’re at the tyranny on (sic)  the NRA and the gun manufacturers, because there’s a profit… in what they do. And that means that…they’re putting profits over a human life.”

After which, the smitten CNN host, Don Lemon showing no objectivity praised the film saying “I’d tell everybody: to go see this movie now.” It is hilarious how Little Spike Lee actually believes that gun manufacturers, the National Rifle Association and probably the second amendment recognition of our right of self-protection as the main reasons black Americans are bumping other blacks off at record rates in urban neighborhoods throughout America.

To me that makes as much sense as blaming automobile manufacturers and wealthy motorcar collectors for the actions of those who choose to use their vehicles in criminal activities such as running over pedestrians. But unfortunately, that is representative of the mindset of typical progressives like little Spike Lee. Rather than seeking to identify the authentic causes regarding the vast numbers of black Americans blasting away at other blacks throughout our republic, they foolishly on entities that have absolutely nothing to do with the actual problems they claim to be so concerned about.

One of the numerous mistakes in judgement among the many progressives like Spike Lee are guilty of is not seeking authentic solutions to problems. In addition, when it comes to laying blame, the progressives try not to blame actual evildoers for their actions. (Muslim terrorists come to mind)

American gun manufacturers are not any more guilty of black Americans murdering other black Americans than Ford Motors would be guilty of murder if a nut job driver were to plow through a group of people strolling on a sidewalk.

One of the hallmarks of a society where individual rights and liberty are trumpeted and enforced is that liberty is known to be comprised of both freedom and responsibility. In other words, you are free to do whatever you want, as long as you do not harm other individuals and, or their property. Another major reason we witness the vast numbers of blacks murdering other blacks is because for the last two generations, young people have not been properly taught in regards to right and wrong.

Also, for several liberal/progressive reasons, the family structure has been decimated throughout most of the American black community.

When I was a little boy growing up in Cleveland, my Dad (God rest his soul) stressed the need to learn the difference between good and evil and to always try and do what is right. Dad encouraged me to do good, not just for personal gain, but also for the betterment of society as a whole. The upbringing I was blessed with blows massive holes through the concepts of the liberal/progressive philosophy of today. I was raised in a home where Dad had several rather nice looking firearms. But instead of simply

squirreling them away in some dark closet where they would be totally inaccessible if they were quickly needed, Dad had a different approach which was common where I grew up.

First of all, he taught me that under no uncertain or certain terms were the weapons to be sought out to be played with, because they were not toys, but rather necessary tools. Eventually, Dad taught me how to properly shoot the firearms. He also instructed me on how to maintain them through proper cleaning.

Soon after I reached a slightly older age, none other than dear old Dad himself taught me the correct rudiments of shooting the firearms. A great follow-up was the rather in-depth instructions on the first ten amendments of the United States Constitution that Dad gave me. The most emphasis on the second amendment. He was the absolute first person to inform me that the second amendment insures the rest will remain intact.

Horrendous incidents like the San Bernardino, California terrorist attack are not logical reasons to disarm law abiding legal sovereign citizens. Hillary Clinton’s inflammatory remarks regarding closing loopholes at gun shows is not solution oriented, but rather Alinsky oriented toward shutting down our right to own and bare arms against street thugs, terrorists and government tyranny. While I am at it, don’t forget that gun free zones attract terrorists, and other assorted cowards who desire the prey upon the disarmed or weaker, like Muslims do all over the world.

Through the grace and wisdom of God almighty, may America shake herself free from the progressive mantra that only multiplies problems and return to the Providential guidance and wisdom that made the United States of America the greatest nation ever known. God bless you, God bless America and may America bless God.

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