Muslim Terrorists Target Christmas in California

For the last 2 plus weeks I have been in the hospital fighting a severe infection.  This is so small in comparison to what Christians and Jews around the world are fighting and with little or no tools to solve the out of control Islamic terrorist invasion of the free world.  I had antibiotics, the free world has no such medicine to cure the cancerous growth of Islam, the Muslims who follow the laws of their Prophet Mohammed, and the people who are at the top of the chain in the name of Islam, the Islamic terrorists who are in every city around the world.

During my hospital stay I had a few hours to watch the actors and actresses who pose as journalists try to figure out why the two Muslim terrorists targeted the people at a Christmas meeting.  This is the answer.  The two Muslims were ‘Pure Muslims’ who had reached the utopia of their religion.  They were jihadists.  Prophet Mohammed described the people as the closest to Islam.  These two Muslims had connections with the attendees at the Christmas meeting.  Also the media, politicians, or law enforcement will never tell you, I am confident the majority of the people attending the meeting were Christians or Jews who came to support their friends and co-workers.  This was a Christmas event filled with people who Mohammed has directed to be killed in every corner of the world. This was a perfect place and target for the young Muslim couple.  They murdered and if not killed, they would have continued to murder many more in the following days or weeks.

We must understand there are Muslim couples in every mosque who will their life to Allah, Mohammed, Sharia, and the Quran.  In the coming days the media will come up with ‘angles’ to show how loving this couple had been, and what great parents they were to their baby.  The reality is a ‘Pure Muslim’ has no moral character, does not love, and hold no maternal or paternal love for even their own babies.  They will drop them off at any time they feel Mohammed is calling them into action.

A few days ago while in the hospital I heard an alleged counter-terrorism expert say there are 80 ‘dangerous’ mosques in America.  I ask readers to reject this silliness but instead to adhere to the following on my analysis of Islam.

There are over 2300 mosques in America.  The Mapping Sharia Project in which I was the Director rated mosques from 1 – 10 based on the mosque followers adherence to Sharia law.  Essentially the closer the Muslim worshippers and Imams came to the total adherence and acceptance to Sharia law, the higher their rating and concern for potential violence generating from this mosque.  Since this survey in 2008/2009 in which my team and I visited over 200 mosques, and since I have conducted research at another 75.

The so called CT experts have used various aspects of the Mapping Sharia Project and other firsthand research we have conducted to come up with ‘catchy’ media flashes so the news organization can have an interesting angle on Islamic terrorism in America.  Don’t get confused that the high profile journalists who search for self proclaimed CT experts to come onto TV/Radio and provide them a news flash so their ratings will go up.

I challenge you to ask anyone on Fox, any CT expert used as an analysts, or any conservative politician if the world is at war with Islam itself.  Ask them if Islam was founded on peace and love.  Each one will deny we are at war with Islam.  They will all say Islam was meant to be a peaceful religion.   We all know the liberals believe Islam is loving and peaceful, but conservatives do expect some leading conservatives to provide the truth to Americans about Islam.

As I mentioned there are over 2300 mosques in America.  Only a naïve CT expert would come up with a number that are dangerous.  For instance 80 mosques in America.  The actual answer to how many mosques are dangerous is each and every one.  If there are 2300 then 2300 are dangerous and have the potential for violence.

Over and over I emphasize the Islam is not peaceful, the Quran is not compatible with our U.S. Constitution, and any person who follows the dangerous and satanic ideology of Islam is neither a good person or an American.  It is not me who inform Muslims in America to hold no allegiance to America, it is Islamic terrorist organization such as CAIR.  This is in their pamphlets.

In conclusion. We are not at war with Al Qaeda or ISIS.  They are just players for a large team called Islam.  The world is at war with Islam.  We must put a bitter taste in people’s minds when they hear anything associated with Islam, just as we were able to do with the Nazis.

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