VIDEO: Geert Wilders — Turks not welcome in Europe

Do you recall what we said when the EU caved on negotiations with Erdogan granting his Islamist government 3 billion Euros to fund those Syrian refugee camps from which hundreds of thousand have fled to enter the EU and broken borderless Schengen system. Among that stream of refugees and migrants were two suicide bombers who claimed lives in the November 13th Paris massacres. To top things off, the bureaucrats in Brussels agreed to accession negotiations and easy Visas for entry. I said that Geert Wilders, leader of the Dutch Freedom Party would be among the first to object.

As night follows day, Wilders has issued this YouTube video with Turkish subtitles saying that Erdogan’s Islamist government is unwelcome in Europe and that Turkey is not European.

We note that the latest Maurice de Hond political polls in The Netherlands show that if a snap election was held to day that Wilders PVV (Freedom Party) would claim 39 seats in the Hague Parliament and that current PM Rutte’s ruling VVD party in the coalition would drop from 20 to less than ten seats. Thus indicating that the majority of the Dutch polity are responding to his arguments about stopping mass Muslim immigration, denying citizenship and ejection of returning Dutch ISIS fighters, asserting national sovereignty over borders and focusing priorities on domestic health and pensioner needs.

A recent Dutch Metro interview with Wilders asked, if he was chosen to head a ruling coalition in the event of a snap or the next general parliamentary election whether the PVV might have qualified cabinet members. That is an indication that the mainstream Dutch media is taking seriously, his inexorable rise in the polls. Perhaps that message will also get through to the Hague Public Prosecutors and the Judge who will preside in the Kafkaesque ” fewer Moroccans” show trial in early 2016. Kol Hakavod to one of Israel’s best friends in the not so friendly EU with its ridiculous BDS ‘labeling’ nonsense.

Geert Wilders tells Turks: Turkey not welcome in Europe

Today, PVV-leader Geert Wilders released a video, subtitled in Turkish, adressing the Turkish people. Your country does no belong in Europe and will never be…

Note Wilders’ response to this Question from the December 1, 2015 Metro interview: Question: What will be the milestones of a Wilders cabinet?

Wilders: We do not have a two-party system, so we will have to deal with other parties. But a Wilders cabinet will reclaim Dutch national sovereignty. We want to be masters again of our own currency, our own laws and our own borders. And yes, this means that we will have to exit the European Union. Last year, we had this scenario researched. Provided that one keeps access to the single European market, an EU exit will cost money in the first year, but will be beneficial from the second year on. The British research bureau Capital Economics researched this and, according to its NExit report, this scenario is realistic. Other countries are dependent on transit through the Netherlands and, if they do not allow us access to the internal market, it will also be negative for them. It would be great if, like Switzerland, we would again be able to make our own decisions. I want the Netherlands to be a proud and sovereign country again and I believe that, in order to have a true democracy, one needs a nation state with a common culture, identity and flag.

People need to know who they are; Europe costs us a lot of money, while we hardly have anything to say.

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